If you are like me, you've seen a map of Baghdad on television a lot in the last few days. The scale of the map may be hard to grasp, so I've created these city size comparison pages.

Both maps below are 9 miles long and 9 miles across. If you are familiar with the size of this section of Los Angeles, this should help you visualize the size of Baghdad. This may be useful if you are trying to envision driving through, searching or invading Baghdad, but you've never actually been there.


Los Angeles

81 square miles - Scale: 44 pixels per mile 81 square miles - Scale: 44 pixels per mile

Compare Baghdad to New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Chicago, Other US Cities

The original city size comparison page.

The map of Baghdad is from the Chicago Tribune, The other city maps are from Yahoo Maps. I understand Baghdad is home to about 5 million people, but I don't know if that includes the outlying areas. I think population numbers are a crummy way to illustrate the size of a city.

More numbers for large international urban areas

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