Now is your chance to own this spectacular new bilingual mousepad!

It is of blue color with white and blue lettering! There is also some yellow color.

Although Mike doesn't subscribe to it's preachy dictates, he has to admit, it is a dandy mousepad!

In this photo you can see that it is printed in two different directions, in two different languages, not unlike the famed Rosetta Stone, a relic in the British Museum in London!

From one direction, it reads:

Miller Brewing Company le recuerda: Por Favor Tome con moderation,

from the other direction it reads:

Miller Brewing reminds you to: Think when you Drink


I am pretty sure the first language is Spanish, a language common in Latin America!

The Miller brewing company brews beer, and probably made these mousepads to stop people from drinking and then going hog-wild on ebay buying junk they don't need.

The only problem you'll have is deciding who gets to use it!

They are rubber-backed with a nice cloth top that has been screen-printed for ultra-fine quality!

The rubber is about an eighth of an inch thick, and it is grippy, not like those lame foam-backed mousepads.

Have fun while you learn Spanish and control your alcoholism!

Here is a photo of Mike using the mousepad.  See how he doesn't even have to look at the mouse? He is able to FORGET all the problems with his old mousepad and CONCENTRATE on his work!

His productivity has DOUBLED!

(results not typical, nor are they true)

Handles cordless mice and optical mice too with ease!

Yes! It is water-resistant!

Don't try this with your regular mousepad!

Yes! It is flame retardant!

Don't try this with your regular mousepad!

(flame retardant only when wet, results not typical)

 The actual mousepad is exactly like this one, but actually a new one.

High bidder must add $1 shipping within the USA, actual shipping charges outside the USA. I take checks, paypal and money orders.

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