Dwight Shrute Bobblehead Costume

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A curved jawline and sunken eyesockets were easy to add by simply pushing and pulling on the wire mesh.

More pronounced details, such as the nose, ears and eyebrows were created from cardboard and balled-up wads of newspaper.

I've been meaning to try aluminum foil for these types of details (per Kim Graham), but the stack of newspaper was closer, so I went with what I know.


I added a hairline and prepared to cover the whole thing with paper mache.


But while I still had some sunlight, I got started outside with a heat gun and PVC pipe. This is slow work, because I have to heat up a section, then bend it and freeze it in place with cold water, then start on the next section. If I heat up too much, the pvc pipe will kink.

My first attempt looked terrible, so I took a step backwards and decided to design the glass frames before I built them.



Starting again, I experimented with cardboard to find a size and shape that was appropriate.

These were too oblong.


The second try was better. I had my pattern.

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October 14th, 2007.  

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