Dwight Shrute Bobblehead Costume

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On the morning after the zone ball, I woke up to find that another Dwight Bobblehead was having better luck than I was.

Thought you might be interested to see this - it looks like someone
had the same idea, and managed to make the news. Of course, theirs
looks pretty shoddy compared to yours...


-- Brendan Dillon

Another Dwight Bobblehead costume had made it into the featured news on the front page of Yahoo!


And speaking of shoddy, my bobblehead needed some repairs. A couple of douchebags in Fed-Ex costumes had punched Dwight's eyeball at the zone ball.


I applied a few strips of paper on Tuesday, in preparation for one more costume party on Wednesday, Halloween night.


On Halloween, I had to choose one of three local contests, and I chose the one with the most prizes: Sandbar in Citrus Heights.

After early-evening trick-or-treating with my family, I packed up the car and headed out to the club. It was early and empty.

I walked around, checking out the competition and navigating the place with my giant head. I was kind of killing time until the costume contest.

Eventually the crowd grew and a few good costumes showed up. The only oversized costume competition was a guy dressed as "Chicken F***er", so I liked my chances.

Sandbar has a beach volleyball court in the enclosed courtyard. I asked a masked man to shoot a little video clip.

The costume was a big hit with everyone who figured out what it was. Many people asked to take their picture with me, or greeted me with the standard "DWIGHT!" A "regular sized" Dwight Shrute showed up a little before 11, armed with Shrute Bucks and "THIS MAN IS A PERVERT" fliers. I daresay he was more in character than I was.

One guy was certain that I was dressed as George Bush, and treated me accordingly.

The highlight of the night was when I crowded my way onto the dance floor, where my oversized dance moves got the attention of the everyone there. It must have looked hilarious, because the reaction was terrific! This costume was made for dancing!



A little after midnight, something strange happened: The costume contest started without me.

The emcee took the stage and began reading from a clipboard, welcoming contestants and bringing them onto the little stage from a holding area.

"Eh!?" I said to myself, within the dark confines of my iron mask paper creation. I started towards the stage, and tried to claim a spot on the roster.

It didn't work! I got into the holding pen, but the emcee did not waiver from his list, and did not as much as look my way. I didn't get it, but I could definitely see what was coming.

The crowd reacted with general disinterest, giving a little applause to the Mario Brothers and Captain Morgan. This might sound conceited, but I honestly think they were holding their applause for my costume!

Lieutenant Dangle saw what was unfolding, and suggested that we both rush the stage. I took his advice and bumbled out there, but I was quickly corralled by a bouncer.

"Don't do that again, or I will throw you out." he said.


His threats were empty, however, because when I tried again 45 seconds later, he merely walked me down a ramp back to the dance floor.

I don't think he wanted to mess with a former Lackawanna County volunteer sheriff's deputy.

Without further interruption, the contest was over, with Mario and Luigi taking first place for $500, with Captain Morgan taking second.

I think a sexy bridesmaid got third and that horrifying chicken guy won Kelly Clarkson tickets.


I never found out if there had been a signup sheet or something that I had missed. What a rip-off.

Local contest results notwithstanding, the Dwight Shrute Bobblehead costume was a lot of fun to build, and it garnered some of the best reactions I've gotten from a costume.

Forget costumes, from now on I'm going to stick to DANCE contests!

2007 Cockeyed.com Halloween Costume Contest, including correspondence with the Contest-winning Predator.

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November 7th, 2007.  

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