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Below is a collection of the top costumes on the web. This list is the result of my attempt to assemble a catalog of giant, awe-inspiring costumes.

I don't claim for this list to be perfect. A million costumes have been made for stage and movies and the Olympic opening ceremonies and none of them are on this list. Full disclosure: five of my own costumes are showcased below. Is that against the list-making rules?

Kevin Kelm's Mecha costume.

The web page for this nine-foot wolf robot includes well-written construction notes.

More of Kevin's costumes, including one with a carbon-fiber helmet and electronic circuit schematics at his costume site:

Functional Iphone Costumes
John Savio and Reko Rivera's functional iphone costumes.


Big Daddy from BioShock video game

This monster is the incredible work of Harrison Krix, a propmaker out of Atlanta. Excellent write up of his construction techniques. He doesn't do anything half-assed.

He has many other builds on his site, each more incredible than the last.

Lord of the Rings: Sauron

Speeder Bike and rider

A very cool illusion beautifully rendered.

Laecee R.

This article was nearly re-titled "Awesome costumes for MEN", but lo! There are women who make supersized costumes too.

AT-AT costume
Matt and Christi

From Dragoncon 2009

2-man AT-AT costume

I believe this was in New York City.

AT-ST costume
Cheston Botso

Cheston's got a number of pretty good build logs on his site.

Ring Wraith with Hobbit in a cage
Earl Bergquist

This is probably the only actually scary costume in this bunch.


General Grevious
Earl Bergquist

Alpha Flight Sasquatch
Allen Hansard and Beau Brown

Iron Giant Costume

This stilted giant won the top prize at the Industrial Light and Magic halloween party in 1998.


Robo Jojo

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