2007 Cockeyed.com Halloween Costume Contest

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Halloween fever is starting early this year. I'm already getting a bunch of emails for Halloween, even though it is weeks away.

Here are some submissions by readers for the 2007 Cockeyed.com Halloween Costume Contest. 



Hey Mr. Rob,
You and your site have been an inspiration to me. I love your content!!
This year I threw my hat in the ring to win some local ST.Pete costume contests.
I chose to go with a rather subtle offensive costume to compete with what I feel will be contests FULL of BORAT's (very nice....)
Here are my pictures.. enjoy

More detailed pics are on myspace.com/youcanrentmatt

Matt Brooks



The pictures are pretty self explanatory I doubt you need a description.
My materials were pretty cheap $29 garbage can from Home Depot (Lowes wanted $39)
$10 in paint and foam board (for the lid) $40 for the vinyl label from Kinkos

I am anxious to see what you have come up with this year!!




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October 8, 2007.  

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