Paper Mache Satan

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Sometimes it isn't until you actually get some paper onto the chicken wire that you can detect big problems. It is possible to cut into the frame and make changes to the skeleton at this point, but it can be pretty annoying.

His goat's feet have a tiny footprint, so the pitchfork provides something for him to lean on.

Working on the neck.

Working on the rear-end. I am happy with how the crease down the spine turned out.

You don't hear much about Michelangelo polishing the buttocks of David, now do you?

You can see here how low the tail is.

Here is a side view of the legs. I added some wadded-up newspaper to the thighs so Satan wouldn't look so scrawny.

I also added some masking tape to the fingers. This helps the paper mache stick and it helped square off the fingers a bit.

Sue came into town the next day to check my progress. She liked the ears and the horns, but was surprised at the lack of sex organs.

A short theological study confirmed that satan has a penis.

I may have gone overboard with the penis, but I didn't really think I could equip him with anything less.

You can also see the additions to the leg muscles here.

Not that you are looking at that.

With the final layer of paper in place, I added a smooth white bit of plastic for his teeth. This was also cut from a yogurt container.

The next morning I applied the first layer of paint. This is known as the "base".

I looked at real pitchforks at home depot before deciding on this cartoonish look. I drew several more stylish pitchforks, but they all suggested "king of the sea" more than satan.

I bent 3/4" pvc pipe over the kitchen stove to form the smooth curved shape.

After adding heavy paper cones to the tips, I spray painted it silver. Silver spray-paint gives pvc tubing an impressive metallic look.

I thought some of the black would show through the final red layer.

It looked pretty incredible in solid black.

Here is a close-up of the white teeth.

I tried a deep purple paint next, but it didn't look right.

This off-the-shelf glossy red was my final choice for color.

I tried adding eyeballs, but they always appeared to be bugging out too much.

I painted in empty black eyes with a little decoration. I also painted the horns black. My painting skill is probably holding me back a little when it comes to realism.

About twelve days after I began construction, Satan was finished.

Sue and Mike successfully filmed some shots for Susan's short video project.

Once they are done, I sold it on ebay and delivered it to Dale in Santa Rosa.

After I published the story, I got a note from Gwendolyn and Melissa in Minneapolis, they were inspired to make their own Satans!

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Nov. 10th, 2002.  

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