Sudoku Costume

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I made copies of all the numbers, and cut them out, leaving a thin black border.

This was my last chance to make a "high gas prices" costume instead.

I used a brush and white glue to stick the numbers to the board, following the puzzle arrangement I had found online.


As I finished with the first column of numbers, I realized the white glue had been the wrong choice. Many of the paper squares had wrinkles and showed air bubbles.

Super 77 would have been better, but I didn't have a can handy, and I would have had to put this all together outside if I had used a spray adhesive.

With the Halloween deadline just four months away, there was no time to go back. I pressed ahead. 

When all the numbers were down, I used electrical tape to tack down the edges and frame the nine sections.

And that was it!

The two-string harness works. It looks pretty goofy, and it could probably be done better, but once I get something working on a costume, it is hard to keep polishing it, because it is only going to be used once or twice.

If I was building this costume for a longer engagement, for example, for a Broadway play based on characters torn from the back page of this morning's newspaper, I'd continue fine-tuning the costume.

The side-view. Both of my hands are free, but they are stuck behind the board, so they are still pretty useless.

Here is a look at the completed Sudoku costume.

This costume would be a lot of fun to wear, because the people that love Sudoku are going to go crazy for this thing if they see it at a party. It will start a dozen conversations about how the puzzles are solved, and about how addicting they can be.

After Halloween, it could be framed, or used in the classroom, teaching valuable Japanese puzzle-busting skills to tomorrow's citizens.

Or, it could just be solved. With a wacky oversized novelty pencil.

In any case, I won't be wearing it. This costume is going up for sale on ebay.

The Sudoku Costume on ebay.

Kevin bought the costume, and wrote the story of his own Sudoku costume adventure!

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June 30th, 2006. 

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