Excellent Hiding Places


When Greg was disassembling the toilet at Blue Moon Printing's new location, I realized there was an awesome little niche within the porcelain toilet itself. The base of the toilet created a small, dry, cylinder-shaped area that is hidden and pretty well protected.

The real value of this hiding spot is that there is a deterrent to checking it. Pulling up a toilet isn't a big job, but it is wet, and it is a hassle. Accessing this spot is a pain, even for thieves that are already inside your house.

The toilet is mysterious and dirty. It repels the casual observer. A terrific hiding spot.


One other awesome hiding spot is inside of an older hard drive. If you are like me, you have a couple of these 3 gig drives sitting in the garage. They might seem valuable because you paid $350 each in 1998, but they might be more valuable as a hiding spot.


Unscrew the top, pull out the platters and magnets and you will have enough room for a few secrets.

This photo shows 6 of those little 3" CDRs.


The hollow disk-drive will not be effective against thieves, but it will be incredibly effective against your roommate. Installed into your computer case, the hard drive will be invisible to a non-techie, and it carries the threat of total data loss if someone opens it just to peek inside.

No one but the DEA is going to physically pry your hard drive open to peek inside.

Do you have an awesome hiding spot?


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August 1st, 2006 
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