Excellent Hiding Places

The round-up of reader-submitted hiding spots. After about 200 suggestions, some of the same suggestions for hiding spots were mentioned time and time again. Here is a condensed list.

Inside Speaker Cabinets
behind the back plate of mobile phone
A hole in the wall covered with a poster.
A hole in the wall under a stairway.
taped to the top of a door.
inside a smoke detector
in the diaper genie
in the freezer
in a box of Tampons
below a false bottom in a fishing tackle box
Underneath the bottom drawer in a chest of drawers
On top of a suspended ceiling
In books
On top of or below kitchen cabinets with edging
Inside electronics, such as an amp, clothes dryer, water heater or Game Cube.
In the base of the Grandfather clock
In the base of a table with removable leaves.
On the plastic dummy PC card in a laptop.
In the cat's litter box
Inside the hollow metal tubes of furniture
In the base of a porcelain lamp.
In a big bag of dog food
within the steering wheel of a car.
in a car's door panel
Inside a guitar or instrument case
inside the backup battery compartment of an alarm clock.
taped to the underside of a desk or chair
in the little area under the bottom shelf on most bookshelves
In an office storage box or envelope labeled "junk mail" or "oil change receipts"
In the yarn
On top of the leg of the Grand Piano
In a phony electrical outlet
Below the tissues in a box of tissues
on a shelf within the fireplace (the flue door)
In a gutted VHS tape
inside the square metal casings of a streetlamp
in a nested plant container
in a stack of paper plates
In a bottle of mouthwash
Inside carousel of 50 CD swapper
In band-aid tin in the medicine cabinet.
Velcro-ed patches on clothes or backpacks
In the "P" trap of a sink
in the pockets of a jacket hanging in the closet
behind the filter of HVAC unit
on the dog's collar
In an empty washing powder box
In a lamp between fluorescent bulbs
under the dog food bowl
inside a pony tail braid
Inside the shower curtain rod
Inside an automobile's subwoofer speaker box
half-empty paint cans
Inside a sharps medical waste disposal container


Do you have an awesome hiding spot?


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August 17th, 2006 
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