Eighty-Five Ways to Decorate your house with Christmas lights

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Every holiday season, houses in the U.S. are draped with electric lights and ornaments.

The effect on the street can be a stunning promenade, shimmering with a thousand glowing snowflakes.

OR, it can be a little less majestic, depending on one's eye for decor. Please consider the following lighting schemes before you buy and hang christmas decorations. With so many options, I'm sure you will find something that suits you.


Lighting Scheme #1: Multi-color Window Frame Outlines.


Lighting Scheme #2: Technicolor Raingutter.


Lighting Scheme #3: Security Light Nets and Invisible Tree.

Lighting Scheme #4: Blue Icicle lights along the Eves.

Lighting Scheme #5: Multi-color Light Strands along the Eves.

Lighting Scheme #6: Multi-Color lights draped sparsely across the Tree and Shrubs.

Lighting Scheme #7: Baseline white strand with lightnet-draped shrubs

Lighting Scheme #8: White Porch Icicles

Lighting Scheme #9: White Eve Icicles

Lighting Scheme #10: White Roofline Icicle lights with Banner

Lighting Scheme #11: Bisecting Icicles with Netting Waterfall

Lighting Scheme #12: Multi-Color Porch column-wraps, with hanging Moustache.

Lighting Scheme #13: Seventeen Pieces of Flair.

Lighting Scheme #14: Mostly Red Eve and roof line bulbs, with scattered tree strand.

Lighting Scheme #15: Red Eve strand.

Lighting Scheme #16: Every year I buy another decoration and they always look good together on the lawn.

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