Deuce of Clubs 

My friend & promoter of the Mojave phone booth, the most heartwarming and inspirational story every ruined by the U.S. Park Service.


I got to know the pound site when Wendy linked to my "Work from Home" report. Officially, the site is her weight-loss journal, but you might not even notice because it is so entertaining. Her FAQ = Brilliant!

The Sneeze

 I told Steve that a comedy site with a comments board would never work, that a bunch of jackasses would leave messages, but that never happened. Maybe that doesn't happen to everyone...

Matt Wandel's Homepage

What if you were an ace woodworker and you loved and understood electronics? Would you build your own pipe organ? Would you build your own plotter? Matt does and did.


Leila's fun, personal journal of an activity-saturated life in the City.


An almost-daily supply of great photographs from David Gallagher, a journalist in New York.

The funny thing is that he isn't a photojournalist.



Anyone that fabricates every single fact on their about page is alright with me.

Cate's Garage sale and Culinary Treasures


Hilarious writing with photos. This is cockeyed competition.

Saltine and hot sauce challenges, and my favorite "Climb the Tree for a Dollar"

Michael Bluejay knows a lot about a wide variety of subjects, and he isn't afraid to write about them.

Home buying, electricity, music, the environment. You name it. Great reading. The seventh-best site on the web.

Three guys who are very funny & revel in their geekyness

The Toque

Wheelbarrows full of entertaining satire and comedy with photos



Site I built for my friend the Cinematographer

Dandy Warhols

I love the songs from this band. The website is lovely as well.

Colorado Physics Explanations

Great informational site. Read about lasers first.

About 18 hours of reading material in here.


I moved some links to the Comic Superstars of the Internet page.

Here is an actual friend that I have actually met: Rossaroni, Ross' website. I've also actually met Leila at Hypnagogica, Godfrey, David Gallagher and Mark Herzig.

Here is a list of the great places who linked to in July of 2001, some have reviews, and some are quite exotic.

I don't trade links unless I fall in LOVE with your site, but don't let that stop you from linking to me. Remember what it says in the bible about hyperlinking!

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