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The Site Name   Where to see the link to   Article from Israeli web portal   list of good links   Brazilian web portal   list of good link from Vermont   list of good links   list of good links, japanese   making fun of my photos   list of good links   list of science links, they call me unscientific!   list of good links from Sweden
Viktiga undersökande reportage.   list of good links & a weblog   list of prank links   list of great local links
http://WWW.WRRV.COM/musicallmorning/links.htm   these finks call me an idiot   list of good links from france
Hum... un site qui analyse la quantité de trucs d'un contenant.. c'est pas clair hein !   list of good Sacramento Artists   list of freaky links   list of good links   list of Sacramento links   list of good links
Someone has got way, way, way too much time on their hands... way.   discussion of my site in Australia   list of funny links   list of funny links, in german   list of good links   Reveiw and Links
Cockeyed - Way, way, way, too much time on their hands. Way.   Andrew Hill Newman's links   Cult of the Dead Cow, the hackers I love.   National treasure Daniel James   SF Cacophany Society   Green and other Ketchup Links   Invisible City, yeah, this is cool.
the extensive art pranks of a guy named Rob. Cruising through Rob's pages eventually led us to his other art projects. Every single one of them is remarkable, but his paper mache globe, Paparazzi Costume, and the fake crossing signal signs that he made as part of a treasure hunt for his girlfriend were especially impressive. Some people have way too much creative drive. I'm glad that the internet enables them to share their works with people who wouldn't normally get to see them.   Stephanie's Cyber Lounge
Rob makes me laugh. Find out how much   Half Bakery, that is just funny.   Christina Woog from   condiment packet museum   Young WebLog . it is good. read it.   Uke band of Jun's.   Cockeyed is one of links at the top. Yes!
This is our current favourite - check out the sculpture pranks section for inspiration on things to do in Markinch.   Jim Wong at Stanford This guy is amazing   mp3 and videos   mix 102.7 out of Boston   Swedish?
Hoeveel zit er eigenlijk in?
Heb jij je nooit afgevraagd hoeveel meter tandpasta er eigenlijk in de tube zite of hoeveel bloed er in je lijf zit? De gasten die deze site maakten in ieder geval wel!   Sarah Jane, the only person alive with a better sense of "high adventure" than, she can write.   int13h
Ever bought something and wondered how much was inside? well put simply I have found the site for you. Yes this elite group of thrill seekers have gone on a mission to answer the un-answerable question of "How much is inside?", wanna see? I dont doubt it. Click away.   A music site with a huge description & review. I love this stuff.
One Cup of Goo If you are like me, and I know I am, you’ve watched a movie with a friend or significant other while eating crackers and Easy Cheese. Sooner than later, you grab a cracker and try to squeeze out another neon orange worm but to no avail. In most normal situations the last person to try to extract the...   links   Leila's site of mischief with a very good name   Weblog of a reasonable adult...(and friend of Christina's)   Links & Custom web portal   Amazing things like: ketchup packet bear, guerilla installment art, and the "science club" make this guys' site a real winner. I knew there were others out there like me.   The Useless Pages, the single-best link I ever got...unless you count Google.   Ada, who inspires me to take over the world  
Come to this site when you're bored. Rob Cockerham answers questions like, "How much stuff is inside the Easy Cheese can?" and "What happens when we give away milk to random people on the streets?" Tons of interesting things to read, especially all of his pranks.   Article from Spanish? web portal..with illustration!   I need to sneak a link in here to my nbci site   Article from sulphur dioxcide from fucking Iceland!
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