A bunch of photos of me, Rob Cockerham, in an ego-maniacal attempt to get more pictures to appear on a google image search for Rob Cockerham

From "How Much is Inside a Keg?"

From "Trying to make fire without matches"

From "How Much is Inside Popcorn?"

From "How Much is inside Vegemite?"

From "Refilling an Ink Cartridge"

From "How much is Inside a Million Dollars?"

From "How Much is Inside Dust Off?"

From 1999 Europe Travel Journal

From "How Much is Inside Rolling Tobacco?"

From "How much is Inside Oreos?"

From "How much is Inside Coffee?"

From "How much is Inside Ketchup?"

From "How much is Inside a Printer Cartridge?"

From "How much is Inside Blood?"

From Public Service Message Prank

From Turkey Travelogue, 2001

From Historical Plaque Prank

From McDonalds Menu Board Prank

With my sister Christina from Costa Rica Travelogue, 2000

With Ken Livingston, mayor of London from 1999 Europe Travel Journal

With Davis police officer from Chad Rides America Prank

From Hot Pocket Dissection

From New York/Washington Travelogue 2002

From Toast Dropping

From Paparazzi Costume

From matchstick cats

From California Costume

From "How much is inside Popcorn?"

From Silver Wings

From Spring Shoes

From Turkey Travelogue, 2001

From New York/Washington Travelogue 2002

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Last updated December 30, 2002.

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