The Pule Auctions

On February 25th, 2003 fan Carol De Los Santos wrote. She asked me to help promote this one word: pule. She explained that it meant "to whine".

I'm pretty stingy with favors, but I've actually had a plan for word-promotion bumping around for a while, just waiting for the right word, so I leapt at this opportunity!

Back in 1999 or so, before I was friends with the Cardhouse Robot, I saw that he had linked to a search on ebay, by copying the complex URL in his address field. He linked to a search for cute with a link like this:

This amazed me when I first saw it, but now it makes perfect sense. Whenever the instructions to the webserver are revealed in the web address, it is easy to mimic them. I use this same technique from time to time, for instance linking to a google image search for bliss.

Or Yahoo Movies for naked,-$s

Or All Recipes for deep fried:



Instead of just linking to one funny item on ebay, this technique can reveal an entire array of similarly-titled auctions. 

I've been posting a few auctions with the word "pule" in the title, and I am encouraging others to do this also. So far there have been around 40 pule auctions running at a time. Anyone can get included in this search, just post an auction with the word pule in the title.

Try to make 'em funny. Try to put an image in the gallery.

I hope people continue to post them, and I hope this builds interest in the word "pule".

The word really has nothing to do with my site. It is just a word that Carol suggested.



This little flag linking to pule auctions will be on the front of until August 2003. This is your invitation to post pule auctions and get at least a few more viewers. Thanks.


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