Menu Switch at TGI Friday's

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The description for Bunless Burgers was already bizarre enough, so I only had to add a sentence: "Specially flavored to taste like hot dogs."


The description for Garlic Chicken changed to "Try this delicious chicken. The heaps of garlic may help mask your kitosis-breath."

Two new items were added to the menu. The first was Atkinz Soda, described as "Iced Sparkling Beef Bouillon with Sesame Seed Oil and Tabasco® Sauce. Contains no animal blood*.


The second new item was the Bacon Churner with Fauxtatoes, complete with my new photo. It looked great!

The description: Two whole sticks of fresh Dutch dairy butter on a bed of crisp bacon. Topped with smoked bacon bits, served with a side of steaming cauliflower "fauxtatoes".

A large text block was changed to include the following: Keep your eyes on the tall waiter. He is hot for the dark-haired bartender with the tongue piercing. She is spunky, but customers have been complaining that she is shorting them on garlic twisters. That ain't good for biz-nez, you know? Dale keeps promising he is going to fire her but her hot wings keep talking him out of it. They should make a TV show about this joint and call it TGI Horny.

And finally, an asterisked note at the bottom for Atkinz soda: "*May contain dog blood"

The page came together beautifully, although the font I chose didn't turn out to be perfectly matched.

Here are the menus next to one another. Excuse the small size.

Twenty six helpers had volunteered to plant menus in their local TGI Fridays, so I printed out the new Atkinz menu for each of them, on high quality Topcote Dull cover.

The menus looked fantastic and completely authentic! They were ready to send out!


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September 28, 2004.

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