Menu Switch at TGI Friday's

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With the menu switch complete, we were able to relax and enjoy our dinner. 

I wondered if many other volunteers would be bold enough to attempt the old switcheroo with the Atkinz page. Almost everyone working in a restaurant is busy, but it is usually at least one person's job to keep an eye on you and your table. I hoped at least a few people would come through.

We watched for other people to get our modified menu, but nothing happened while we were there.

I tipped my usual 125% and we were on our way. 

If this was a television show, you'd get to see what happened to that menu. There'd be a hidden camera in the restaurant, capturing people's reactions. This website doesn't work that way.

I suggest you anticipate the reactions were outrageously awkward and hilarious.

Slowly, stories of menu-page replacement made it back to my inbox. Taylor, Bilgri, Tom P., Jonathan, Eric S., Jeff K, John S, Nick, Ave, Dave, Nathan and James were successful, and they sent photos!

Click on a face to read one of their stories.


Tom P.
Eric S.
 Jeff K
John S

Twelve expert menu-planters made this prank a success across the nation! Thanks for everyone's help and ideas!


Click here to get a larger look at the new menu page.

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September 28, 2004.

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