How Long Does it Take for Water to Evaporate?

The long text Answers.

A Coon's age
A dancing bear!

a gajillion years! and 3 seconds

A pile of dust with a glass of water on it.
A shaggy dog ran by at 12:02 and knocked the glass over.
a week
A week.
about 3 days.
about a week and a half
About a week. I was soaking some dental stuff in diluted mouthwash and it dried up 
in about a week in a window facing West.
all done by July 25th @ 12:37pm!
All water should be gone on June 14
angle of the sun and the position of Alpha Centuri.
another few days

Based upon my calculations it will take approximatly 6.75 days to evaporate
bloomin' ages
Boil that s**t!
buy herbalife stock

Dees nutz
Definitely less than 42 days.
Did you use bottled water? Was it distilled? Was it ozonated? Or was it regular 
Sacramento tap water? Depending on the urine content of the Sacramento Water Works 
and wether or not you live in a highly transient (hobo) laden neighborhood or there 
may be countless people dying of thirst in your general vicinity. Upon further 
examination I have come up with a number of conclusions based under two categories: 
of God or of man? First example of of the God theory. If the water is micorn 
filtered, ozonated bottled water (the kind you get from Parade bottled water which 
comes from the deep city well in Shreveport, Louisiana) and depending on the size of 
the glass you use... most mine glass hold 4 ounces so I am assuming that is what you 
used and also the rim and shape of the glass factor as well....... if said water is 
used in said glass and not knowing the barometruc pressure of that days evening dew 
point I must say that my estimate is the water evaporated in less than 3 hours, 
taking in the assumption that that no atmospheric disturbances of a convective 
nature took place. If the water was steam distilled water from Dasani (water that 
is injected with a small amount of gas and also comes from two locations... did your 
come from the spring of Silver Springs, Florida or from the deep well in Springdale, 
Missouri?) that including the assumption that the June afteroon that you began the 
experiement was at an average temperature of 99 degrees farenheight that day and 
that day only and taking into account that Alan Alda was not in the immediate 
vicinity sucking **** then perhaps the water could have evaporated in no less that 
17 and 1/4 hours... results varying due to the vast misinformation provided by the 
self proclaimed scientist, one Robert P. Cockerham. Now, of God. I am assuimg this 
time that the water provided was a product of the City of Sacramento and came 
directly from your faucet. But you do not state which faucet. I will assume that 
it DID NOT come from the bathroom faucet because nobody actually drinks water that 
comes from the bathroom except for *********. And I highly doubt that the water 
came from the garden hose because you look like the typical bastard that does not 
garden nor untie his shoes everday. Which leaves me to the kitchen sink. My 
conclusion that your water came from the kitchen is Sacramento city water. The 
urine content would understandably by at .009% which tests postitve at 2% sodium 
nitrate in every thrigh quenching sip, you disgusting pee drinking bastard. 
Throwing in research that there were no hobo's or one legged bafoons hanging around 
your backyard that day (only an guess actually so dont get too cocky) I am resulting 
that your water evaporated and reurinated your lawn in a period of no less that 3 
hours but no more than 18 days (total). But then again what do I know? If your 
luck is anything like mine then the ******** from down the street snuck over when 
you werent looking and drank your pissy water.

Ed he say 2 day
eleventy twelve
five centimeters

five hours
forever - 1
forever and a day

22 light years >>>>>&<<<<< 
Gone on the 3rd day.
Good luck to you and yours.
Good trick question. The water level will never change as we all know water 
evaporation is a myth.
Guestimation of about 6 hours - Kabs
Hey Cockerbam, is that table for sale on E-bay. I bid $56 for it. OK? 
However, if the glass' curvature is semi-parabolic, the water will evaporate when 
pigs fly.
I am guessing that it took twelve days based on temperatures and wind speeds and the 
fact that you posted this today after starting the experiment 12 days ago.
I am guessing that it took twelve days based on temperatures and wind speeds and the 
fact that you posted this today after starting the experiment 12 days ago. (Note- 
Oops. I just reread the start date. Oh hell, I'll stick with 12 days.)
I believe it took approximately 6 hours and 0 minutes for the 72 degree days and 
around 5 hours 30 minutes for the warmer days around 80 degrees. Then again, not 
knowing anything about humidity, wind speeds and other factors, I cannot be too 
sure. --slate of
I don't know.

I give it overnight, the stray kitties in your 'hood will take care of it
I guess it took until 4 p.m. on June 15th for the water to evaporate. Signed, 
Espresso Mill(s)
I once read that in an mmmbop its gone.
I say 78 years long. To rust into a pile of dust. 
I say It will take 16 hours. If I win, I'd like a certificate. Mike from Denver.
I think it was gone by June 21st
I think it will take two weeks. That is if some animal doesn't come by and drink 
the water. You might want to sheild against pesky experiment-meddling critters.
I think the water will never evaporate. Every time it gets low a bird will pee in 
the glass and fill
I will arbitrarily guess 3 and one-half days, as I am neither a mathematician nor a 
climatologist, and can't figure out the proper calculations.
I won't be done by tomorrow
If it's as hot there as it's been here, we'll never know because someone will drink 
it first. That's like asking how many licks it takes to get to the center of a 
tootsie roll pop.
If the glass is half full, will it ever evaporate?
i'm going to say 3 days. also, your site is great -mary 
I'm gonna take the long shot and say a full 24 hours. (Steve S)
I'm guessing it was completely evaporated at 3:30 pm on June 21st.
I'm not sure how many, but I'm fairly certain it will take several days before the 
glass becomes empty by evaporation.
I'm seeing stars!
imagine if planck length were time. that long.
In which case, if the sun is hot and not too cool, it will take 9 hours, forty four 
minutes and ten seconds.
Is my bid for the table good or not? What's up Cockerbamm?
Is the next test paint drying?
it never evaporates because rainwater fills it up
it up again. Thanks.
It will freeze within minutes.
It will take pi, 3.14159, days. Not the true pi, only to the previously mentioned 
decimal points. Faux-pi.
It will take too long.
YEAR!!!.... or maybe... 7 hours.
It will take very long for the water to evaporate. 
it won't all evaporate
itt'll take about 300 years, at this rate for <i>all</i> the water to 
evaporate...for the water in the glass it wont take as long
July 14th 7:20pm (32 days)
July 3rd
june 15th 9am
June 15th, 4:26 p.m.
just long enough for me to sneak in there and drink it 
Knowing the temperature isn't enough, one needs the relative humidity as well. 
Knowing that and the heat capacity of the water, one can easily estimate evaporation 
let's watch grass grow
Local wildlife will drink it or knock it over before it can all evaporate.
longer than my cock
maybe the water just sits there and, in reality, we really are the ones that 
My guess is 4 days. But if I win, how will you know it's me? And who is me?
My guess is five minutes thirty two seconds and three nanoseconds depending on the 
my mom
My worst car accident was when a glass of water fell from a bridge and hit my 
Next week.
Not very pretty.
Oh, and win what? Dibs on everything pictured in the second photo.
Oh, Sorry. Wrong comment box. OOPS!

pretty long.
seriously... until my cows come home... about 38 hours

Since you just posted the story now, Im guessing July 25th
since you're in sacramento and we're currently in a heat wave, ill guess about 4 
hours. :)

Sixteen hours
Sixteen Millenia
sixty two hours --Brian Wong
Some people are nuts to think the water will evaporate in 5 hours.
ten days, no doubt
Thank you and good luck Mr. Cockadoodledoham
The humidity information is all available on the weather underground website, if it 
can actually help your guess.
The real question is "How long will it take for the table to rust into a pile of 
The table will rust into a pile of dust.
The water in the glass will evaporate in minutes about as fast as Bush's IQ. 25. 
That's 25 minutes.
The water will evaporate faster than that table will rust.
The water will evaporate when HELL FREEZES OVER!
this long {------}

Three days. And error is introduced by dew condensation at night, I suppose.
til the cows come home
till the moon falls from the sky
twelve hours, eight minutes, forty-four seconds and 565 microseconds

two weeks
two weeks.
Until its done. While this is technically true, I doubt I will actually win
Volume is irrelevant, it is just the height of water that matters (each unit of 
surface area evaporates at approximately constant rate). Assuming 1/2 inch depth of 
water evaporates per day (that is the part I am less sure about), I'd guess 6 days.
wait, it's the 24th now, so i'm betting 2 weeks
Water left in a wine glass outside does not evaporate. It is slowly removed by cats.
way less than 24 hours.
week and a half
well it also depends on the humidity, I live on the south east coast of texas and it 
takes longer when we have 95% humidity
Well, how humid is it in Sacramento? I just moved to Baltimore and I'm noticing 
that potted plants don't need to be watered anywhere near as often. On the other 
hand, things dried out immediately when I lived in New Mexico. So I'm guessing 
somewhere between 3 days (NM) and 3 weeks (MD).
Well, it's winter down here, so my perception of your weather may be a little 
skewed. I would estimate about 3 days, a week at the max.
white power
with that homeless guy next door? maybe 10 minutes -duuh- it's a hot day after all 
and who can resist a glass of fresh cool spring water?
You'll have rain. So--longer than you guessed.

as long as it takes for me to KICK YOUR ASS!!!




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