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I don't have a passion for food.

I don't get excited about fancy meals and I don't look forward to cooking. For me, eating is like tying my shoes.

However, I love science, I love measuring, I love my digital camera, and I love making websites, so here is my contribution to the world of food: A photographic journal of most of the things that I ate between June 4th and June 18th, 2003.

I have included the number of calories in most of these items. 

Some people have invested a lot of time memorizing the amount of calories in things. For me, this was a new experience, looking up or calculating the amount of calories in foods.

 Almost any individual food item available in the U.S., such as this banana, have been tested, and the nutritional information about them is available online. For meals however, made up of many individual ingredients,  it can be troublesome to predict how many calories are included.

I quickly learned that calories are a really jumbled-up unit of measurement. While the scientific community uses the term calorie to mean the amount of energy needed to heat one gram of water one degree Celsius, the health and nutrition community mean something 1,000 times larger.

At some point, food measurers started using the term calories whenever they meant Kilocalories. Probably because the numbers in regular calories were really huge, like this can of Coca-Cola for instance, contains 140,000 calories, so the food guys shortened that to 140 calories. This is an annoying problem, and both sides seem to be completely entrenched in their position. 


Luckily, there are plenty of units for energy, so it is probably best to just leave the calorie unit to the food people, and use joules or Kilowatt hours or therms or ergs for energy calculations unrelated to human nutrition.


I learned a few things while compiling this list. One thing I learned is that there isn't an "a" between the "Cup" and the "Noodles". It is just Cup Noodles.


On page two, the calories begin to rise.

Please continue to page two.

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