Bowl vs. Colander Ice Bowl MELTOFF!

Ever since the "testing insulation" science club article, I've wondered if ice melts faster when the melted water is allowed to drain away.

This Saturday, I cleared some room in my freezer.


I wasn't clearing out room to put anything in there, I just wanted a little free space in there.

No. I don't know where the Williams Twins disappeared to.


Anyway, I needed to clear out two bags of ice anyway, so I prepared a quick experiment.

I loaded two bowls with seven-pound bags of ice.

The one on the right, the colander, will allow the melted water to drain away from the solid ice. The one on the left, the bowl, will keep that ice-cold water in close contact with the ice.

Will that water help melt, or help keep the ice cold?


Which bowl will protect the ice from melting the longest? (optional)


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January 17, 2006

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