Tattoo Removal

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With the tattoo fading, subtle differences in Tara's appearance became more obvious.




Oh, just kidding.

Tara's next treatment was in November of 2003. This was her eighth visit to Dr. Tanghetti's office. 

To better illustrate the duration of this procedure, I've prepared the chart below:
Treatment Date Top Movies in the Theatre
1 April 18, 2002 Changing Lanes, Panic Room, The Sweetest Thing
2 June 3, 2002 Sum of all Fears, Star Wars 2, Spider Man
3 Jul 15, 2002 MIB 2, Road to Perdition, Reign of Fire
4 Oct. 18, 2002 The Ring, Red Dragon, Sweet Home Alabama
5 Jan 24. 2003 Kangaroo Jack, National Security, Just Married
6 March 24, 2003 Bringing Down the House, Dreamcatcher, View from the Top
7 August 8, 2003 Swat, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spy Kids 3D
8 Nov. 15, 2003 Matrix 3, Elf, Love Actually

The price has dropped from $150 to $125 to $100 as time has gone on. As of January, 2004, the total cost of the tattoo removal treatments has been $1,050.

The tattoo has been considerably affected, but it is hard to guess when or if it will ever be completely removed. Will it take three more sessions, five...eight? 

I know other people that have had tattoos removed completely in fewer sessions, but they were amateur tattoos, with only black ink. Tara's multicolored tattoo has proven to be pretty resilient, much like Tara herself.

 I'll bet some removal clients give up after 5 treatments and opt for a cover-up tattoo instead. Tara is not going to get a cover up, although she hasn't given up completely on tattoos.


Tara will continue to have the tattoo treated, and I'll try to give an update from time to time on the progress. Hopefully someday I'll present the conclusion to this ink-loss odyssey. After seeing what she has gone through, I've decided to re-think my idea of getting a "Billy Bob" tattoo.

At least Tara's triangle is light enough that it isn't the first thing you'd notice about her.

Laser removal technology will probably continue to improve, with better, more effective lasers. Including lasers better tuned to affect orange, yellow and white inks.

Laser goggle technology is another issue altogether. 

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