Tattoo Removal

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I missed Tara's next tattoo removal appointment in March of 2003. I was in Sausalito with the other Tara.


So it wasn't until August 8, 2003 that I got photos of another tattoo session.

In this photo before the session, you can see that the red bar on the top of the tattoo had faded to pink, that the black outline was fading, and the symbol in the middle was almost gone.

The blue and purple were still hanging around, but they had faded too. Only the orange and yellow were anywhere near being richly colored.

A new laser had arrived at Dr. Tanghetti's clinic, the Accolade Cynosure.

The Cynosure is an Alexandrite Laser. It generates a laser with a 755nm wavelength at a maximum energy density of 15 Joules/cm². 

In the background sits the Lambda Laseaway. I think the Cynosure had replaced it.

The session started with the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser.

This laser has two sounds, a beeping sound like when the fries are ready at McDonalds, and a rumbling, whirring sound like a clothes dryer.

One laser down, one to go.

Tara and I changed eye-protection for the Alexandrite laser treatment. These were even more stylish than the previous eyewear.

I guess the Accolade laser is invisible, because it had a red aiming beam mounted on the top, like a laser scope on a rifle.

The Accolade also has two sounds, a rumbling, whirring sound similar to the Nd:YAG and a sharp rat-a-tat like a sewing machine. It is loud, but not loud enough to drown out conversation.

The treated skin.

Tara posing with one sleeve pulled up. 

Shea applying the pain-relieving gel after the procedure. I asked her for a big tub of that gel, but she couldn't let me have any. In retrospect, that is probably a good thing. It would be pretty embarrassing to develop a drug dependency to pain-relieving gel.

The treated area is very sensitive to touch for a couple of days.

Tara reported,  "It is a consistent dull ache, unless I bump it, or someone hits or brushes it, then it is 'the worst sunburn you have ever had in your life times 100, just got slapped by yer big brother for fun' pulsating."

Some tattoo locations are probably worse than others for removal.

 And! Finally, what you've all been dreading, the blistered photo.

About two hours after the treatment, the skin can blister. A blister is a fluid-filled separation of the epidermis from the dermis or a separation within the epidermis itself.

It didn't happen every time, but Tara actually felt better when the skin blistered up. Her skin appeared to be shedding ink at this time, although the medical literature doesn't mention this effect.

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