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Monday, Sept. 30th, 2002
The Louisiana Superdome. View from the freeway.
Wendy asked for directions to the UPS shipping center. 
New Orleans police officer helps this man push his stalled car onto the side of the road.
Picking up a tank of helium at Party City in preparation for tomorrow's "how much is inside" an acre experiment.
Tuesday, October 1, 2002
This lone wasp made a valiant attempt to fly away with this grasshopper.
This computer lab at the University of New Orleans had three de-humidifiers chugging along all day to keep the computers springtime fresh.
I gave a short lecture about and went out to try the balloon thing again, on a larger scale.
UNO students braving the heat at the beginnings of the balloon experiment. 
After attaching the camera, we brainstormed ways to counteract the effects of strong winds.
Marking off one acre with orange ribbon.

All of these students were out standing in their field. Har har har.

Between classes the acre was teeming with students. We were trying to get the balloons high enough for a clear photo.

This is Eric taking a turn at the controls.


Wendy hauling scientific equipment..
Some people say that helium is a gateway drug. In this photo you can actually see the gateway.
After the experiment, we came inside and hid in the shade.
All that time in the direct sun had affected our voices and made everyone giddy.

Here are Chris, Hayley, Angelle and Daphne.

After school that day, the freeways were jammed. We assumed it was because of rush-hour combined with the hurricane exodus.

I hoped we had enough helium to fly to safety. Truthfully, we decided at this point to stay in New Orleans and brave the storm. This turned out to be the right decision.

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