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Wednesday, October 2nd

On my way to the New Orleans Aquarium of the Americas, I stopped at an ATM but balked at the $2.75 fee. According to Wendy, ATMs in the French quarter have fees of up to $4. Amazing. I got cash back at Walgreen's instead.

Looking back into a large tank at the Aquarium. You enter this room through that underwater tunnel.


A nice stingray in the Gulf of Mexico exhibit.
In the Amazon Rain Forest section
Sawfish.. or maybe a paddlefish.
At the penguin exhibit.
Their treasured white alligator. 
"Sharks in all shapes and sizes, from Australia’s wobbegongs to the sleek blacktip reef sharks" promised the brochure.
I left the aquarium around 3pm, and the town had begun to take on a weird atmosphere. A gigantic storm was on the way.
A bar called Temptations had boarded up their windows
Thanks to lax open-container laws, kegmasters like this guy could sell beer to go, as if the whole city were a giant, budget-priced stadium.
"We don't run from Hurricanes, we drink them"
Still more boarding up.
The Cornstalk Fence Hotel sign had been tied up by a drunken sailor.
Here I am on the street in the French Quarter, drinking recklessly from a plastic naked-lady glass.

The drinks are always strongest right before a storm.

An alternative to boarding up windows is taping them up.

The tape behind this sloshed local reads "we are waiting it out".

Ok, so actually, the regular taping was done by store owners, but then Wendy and I decided to add our own colorful taped messages to windows in the Quarter.

"Swamp tours" was my favorite, in anticipation of city-wide flooding. Others included "No lifeguard on duty", "Free Willy", "Slippery when wet" and several tic-tac-toe games.

Wendy lives high above street level, so we figured the best way to escape the storm's fury was to numb our senses with powerful sedatives.

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