The new information is organized into seven categories:
Six Unsuccessful Stories:  Some people were able to stand the embarrassment of admitting failure at the Herbalife business and wrote me about it. Their stories are here.
Sign Sightings:  Here are snippets from my email verifying that herbalife "work from home" signs are everywhere. Also in this section, photos of the "work from home" herbalife flier epidemic in the New York City Subway.
Advertising Tactics 2.0:  I got my share of email alerting me to new (and old) herbalife marketing techniques, my favorite is the driveway rock bag. Read about that here.
The Products
Selected Correspondence.
Herbalife site summary: Perhaps the most important bit of information in this epilogue. This is the one-page summary that reveals the company behind the scheme you heard about online. It's the Herbalife Site Decoder!
Some ideas for helping me contribute and distribute information about herbalife.

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