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Because I knew I was going to be calculating the number of calories in my meals, I ate a lot of meals at fast food restaurants. The calorie content for their foods are usually accessable, either as pamphlets or online.

Taco Bell was only able to provide nutrition facts at their website, not at the restaurant itself.


Chipotle has a fantastic website, but it does not offer nutritional facts. They did not respond to my email by press time. (I always wanted to say that).

Like Donatoís Pizza, Pret ‚ Manger, and Boston Market, Chipotle is owned by the McDonald's corporation.

Like many popular food chains, Quizno's offers Nutritional Facts at their website. They are unique, however, in that they only offer Nut Facts for their low-fat sandwiches.

I wrote the corporate office and asked for the numbers on their tradition sub. 

Someone from their office called and let me know the testing hadn't been done on their regular sandwiches. I guess anyone that really cares about their calories will be ordering the light sandwiches. 

Thank you for checking out my food choices!

I hope you learned something about the number of calories in different meals. If you would like to learn more about food or dieting, there are a large number of resources online, most of them are free.

I suggest reading "how diets work" to get you started. I used the howstuffworks website as a reference in this article.

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