When I Turned Against Trump

Donald Trump and The Apprentice

I really enjoyed the first season of The Apprentice on television. It was a reality show with contestants vying for a chance at a job at the Trump Organization. There were two challenges, and after the challenges, the contestants met up in a made-for-tv boardroom where they faced Donald Trump flanked by his executives.

Carolyn Kepcher ran the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County north of New York City

George Ross was the Executive vice president in the Trump organization.

The whole point of the show was that Donald Trump had to select the best mind for business and allow them into his organization. It was the world's longest, most arduous job interview. The process weeded out the applicants who were least qualified, the least able, and finished with the top contestant, a very special talent, indeed.

But the apprenticeship on the show was framed by the bullshit decisions by Donald Trump in the same boardroom. While all of the scrambling and struggles were playing out for the contestants, Donald Trump dumped his two co-star executives and replaced them with his kids. His completely unqualified kids were now sitting at his sides, completely circumventing the apprenticeship process. What the fuck?

It was like watching a kid step off of a yacht onto Survivor island and steal the $1 million prize.

It was like watching Phil Keoghan welcome his own daughter out of a limosine and to the final finish line on the Amazing Race.

It showed that Donald Trump wasn't a shrewd, tactical businessman. He was a cheater. He was such a dyed in the wool cheater that he didn't even register that he was undercutting the premise for his show. Did Ivanka and Don have to compete on the show? No no no, they just get plopped down next to Donald in the board room, no competition, no challenges, no experience, no references no experience required. I bet they didn't even have jobs before the show started.

Watching Donald Trump install his kids made the show into a joke and showed his true nature. Everything I've seen about Donald Trump in the 15 years since then have solidified this opinion. He is a cheater and he doesn't think we will notice.