The "Real Estate Investor Seeks Apprentice" Signs

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Nouveau Riche University is training Real Estate Investors. Does this have a big impact? To better understand, I present two simplified examples:

Example #1
Imagine that a school was formed to train people to become vintage comic book investors. Then new students and recent graduates would scour the city, buying up old Spiderman & Action Comics. The price of a Ghost Rider #12 would jump from $16 to $54. The new students would be borrowing money and snapping up comics with "investor potential".
Add to that situation, if each student was busy recruiting students to the comics buyers school, the prices of vintage comics would continue to rise, as long as new student/investors could be found.

Example #2
Imagine if there was an auction every day at noon in your company's lunchroom. The auction sold five sandwiches.

Now imagine if at noon everyday, a few kids from the Nouveau Cuisine Sandwich Investment University came by for the auction. Instead of buying sandwiches because they were hungry, what if they bid on and bought sandwiches just to turn around and sell them to you?

You'd get the same sandwiches, but the price would go up.

Compare this with Nouveau Riche training real estate investors. Real people, who really wish to buy a house will have to compete with a team of new investors, hustling and flipping houses, trying to squeeze a living out of their price-inflating influence.

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February 21, 2007 

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