The "Real Estate Investor Seeks Apprentice" Signs

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Real Estate Investor Seeks Apprentice! $20K per month.

This is just wrong. The real estate investor isn't seeking an apprentice, he is a salesman seeking a customer. You aren't going to be an apprentice. You aren't even going to be working. You are going to be sitting in a chair, paying a thousand dollars a day for these classes.

Why do people fall for this?
I think most people in the US have asked themselves, "What is it that has enabled that lady to own a nice big Mercedes?"

We see wealthy people who:
  1. Aren't working hard
  2. Weren't born into rich families
  3. Did not attend Yale
  4. Don't seem smarter than us.

What else can it be that separates them from us? What is it?

  1. Are they dishonest?
  2. Are they using someone else's money?
  3. Did they win the money with their rare luck?
  4. Do they know a secret technique to make fast money?
  5. Are they are extraordinarily driven to succeed, and this drive has led them directly to riches?

There must be some reason. What is it??!

These Nouveau Riche University wealth building classes promise not only tell what the reason is, but to divulge the secret technique and imbue our souls with the drive to amass riches!

Maybe I should sell that!
Learn the secret technique of how to be rich! $5,000.

I can't claim to know the actual answer. The closest guess that I have is this: A willingness and ability to take financial risks.

That doesn't mean that you should risk taking classes at Nouveau Riche University.

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