American Idol Judges Costume

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I found a pair of not-too-powerful springs at home depot, and began experimenting with how to mount them in or near the jaw for the heads.

I always end up tearing open the little plastic bags that they sell the springs in. How can I select a spring if I can't test how springy it is?

The other face, I guess this one ended up being Simon, with a mask of masking tape, and a little hole for the jaw block screw eye.

Many American Idol viewers don't even realize that Simon suffered with jaw block screw eye throughout his childhood.

The guts of the mouth. 

The jaw block attached to a wire, attached to a spring. All of this was pulled back into his face, and secured behind the head.

The wooden block sat snugly closed, but it could be easily opened by pulling down on an attached wire.

Two heads with working jaws. 

I was really happy to have these mouths ready to go! People were going to love seeing them flap their lips!

I needed a wig, because I would be in the center, as Paula Abdul. Due to a timing crunch, I only had 4 minutes to find what I needed at the party store... $6.

The name was perfect, "Spicy Glam Wig", but the wig was awful! I made a note to exchange this wig if time allowed. 

My next trip to the hardware store was for bolts and wingnuts to attach the styrofoam bodies to the table. These connections had to be undone and re-assembled to fit everything into my car. 

I also needed red spray paint to help complete my red Coke cups.

I spent a great deal of effort trying to find the perfect American Idol Coke cups, but never did any better than these big ones from the Chevron station.

Whenever I'm building a costume, the subject matter seems to sneak into my life from all angles. For example, while I was building, this question was posted to the contestant on "One Vs 100":

Of the three judges on "American Idol", who usually sits in the middle?"



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November 6th, 2006.  

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