American Idol Judges Costume

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I realize this story is bouncing around a lot between the different elements of the costume. Sorry about that. When I am working on a costume, there are parts which have to be kept outside, and other parts which I can bring inside to work on at night.

It will all come together at the end. I promise!

Randy wears glasses, and I decided to try making his frames instead of buying frames. Combining store-bought elements with homemade things tends to look crappy. It is usually better to just go 100% homemade, especially if you have more time than money.

Stacy poses with my second attempt at eyeglass frames.

Speaking of second attempts, Randy's insulation afro was officially crap. I pulled it off of his head and plotted a second attempt. 

Feel free to write your own Donald Trump joke here.

Thickening up Simon's neck with masking tape.

Reworking styrofoam blocks inside Simon's arm.

Taping more styrofoam to PVC pipes, in this case forming a shoulder and bicep.

Building a forearm.

Simon would be wearing a short-sleeved shirt, so his arms were more important.

I actually spent a lot more time pondering the arms than I did working on the arms. The arms were definitely that one thing that fostered great doubt in my mind about how to proceed. It sounds so strange now that I am looking back, writing this, because they are so straightforward in their structure.

Practicing the Vulcan mind pinch.

Preparing Randy's head for his new hair.

Working from photographs.

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November 7th, 2006.  

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