American Idol Judges Costume

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I found a nice orange shirt for Randy at a thrift store, but finding a plain black V-neck shirt for Simon was surprisingly difficult. Stacy and I went to at least five stores looking for one.

June stayed home with her stoic new babysitters.

Simon's hair was sorted out, but I needed a short afro for Randy, and I had no idea what to use.

A few months earlier, Becca had written for help with her Domo Kun costume, and  I had recommended trying painted fiberglass for a cheap soft cushy texture.

Maybe I could use it in an afro. I gave it a shot.  

I cut out a scalp-sized circle, and peeled away half of the thickness of the insulation.

Fiberglass is nasty stuff, so I wore gloves. I was actually more afraid of my young daughter getting into this fiberglass than I was worried about her getting into my power tools.

Next, I prepared some pins to secure this wad of softness to his head.

I bent up a long wire..

...and cut it into18 homemade wire staples.

I pushed the pins through the insulation and into Randy's head.

It looked weird.

Maybe with some paint?


Black paint made it a little better. Unfortunately, it was more like Little Richard's hair than Randy Jackson's hair.

Simon's hair went together very well.

I sprayed his scalp, laid down the faux fur, and began cutting away chunks of hair.

In less than 10 minutes, I had a great head of hair for Simon.

Usually, these cuts are $25. But I charged him $90, and he tipped me $40! Ha ha! Sucker!



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November 7th, 2006.  

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