An overview of Keon Clark's basketball history.

Keon Clark has played in many different cities in the US and Canada.

High school - Danville High School, Illinois : Vikings under Coach: Gene Gourley

Junior College - Irvine Valley College, California : Lasers

Junior College - Dixie State College, Utah : Rebels under Coach Jeff Kidder

College - University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada : Running Rebels under Coach John Robinson
Clark is the first player in UNLV history to post 100 or more blocks in a season

NBA - Denver, Colorado : Nuggets 1999-2000 under Coach Dan Issel
Made his NBA debut against the Minnesota Timberwolves on
Feb. 5, 1999.

NBA - Toronto, Ontario : Raptors 2001-2002 under Coach Lenny Wilkens

NBA - Sacramento, California : Kings 2002-2003 under Coach Rick Adelman

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