Keon Clark also has a life outside of basketball

Mr. Clark was raised an only child by his mother in Danville, Illinois, 100 miles south of Chicago.
He had the nickname "Tree" growing up.

He enjoyed college more than most young Division One basketball players, majoring in Hotel management and Criminal Justice at UNLV.

He became enchanted with golf while he was in Denver, and played golf often in Toronto. I presume he plays in Sacramento as well. Keon loves music and owns a full set of top-end DJ equipment, including a collection of more than 2,400 vinyl records.

Keon was reported as being "happy to get out of Denver". He liked playing in Toronto but is probably enjoying Sacramento. He signed a one-year contract with Sacramento for a reported $4.5 million.

He has a son that lives in his hometown.

He plays in the Dustbowl Basketball Tournament at David S. Palmer Arena in Danville, Illinois in July.

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