Keon Clark is the Perfect Basketball Player.

I realize that might strike you as absurd, because no one player can do all things on the takes an team of players, trainers and coaches for a team to succeed.

However Keon Clark succeeds magnificently at an aspect of the game I hold most dear: Entertainment.

Clark is my favorite basketball player. I am somewhat biased because he plays for my hometown team, the Sacramento Kings. Playing for the Kings could be considered a strength or a weakness for an NBA player. Being surrounded by great players helps your game, but it can make superhuman play appear to be simply average.

Keon is a tremendous force near the basket. If he is under his own goal, the ball seems magnetically attracted to his hands. If he is defending, his incredible reach and leaping ability makes him a potent blocking threat.

I hope you enjoy the sections of this website, celebrating the thrill and skill of Keon Clark; the perfect basketball player.
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