Easy, Illustrated Instructions on How to Fix a Hole in the Wall

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Set the support stick inside the hole and screw it into place through the existing wallboard. Add a screw above the hole.

Now you have something to support the patch.

Fit the patch into the hole and screw it into place.

Sometimes people use an adhesive, such as "liquid nails" to glue a patch like this to the wooden support.

Drywall screws are really good for this application. They are really sharp, and the heads have an acute taper. But really, any screws will probably work if they are long enough.

Twist the screws in slightly past the surface of the drywall. This will make them easier to cover up.

Two screws seemed like enough to secure this small patch to the lumber in back.

With the patch secured in place, it is time to smear on some joint compound and add paint.

Study the texture of the rest of the wall. You'll have to try to match it with the frosting-like drywall joint compound.

The wall above the patch had a rough texture on it. I intended to replicate the look of this, so that my patch will blend (visually) into the rest of the wall.


Joint Compound! I used a disposable putty knife to spread it.

Joint compound is really easy to use and pretty forgiving.

If you are trying to match this patch to a perfectly flat wall, you might need to do some sanding, otherwise, just spread it on, filling the gaps around the outline.

There is no need to smooth it out. You need a rough surface to match the rest of the wall.

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