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Double scratching out.

If you are scratching out, be sure to get everyone else in the photo, to avoid confusion.

This was my favorite scratching out, until I found...

A wonderful scratching out combined with me label. There also appears to be some blackblock action in there.

As a salty photoshop veteran, I'd like to suggest three techniques for gently obscuring unwanted faces from your hot or not photos.

These three are from my collection. I didn't find them on hot or not.

The first method I'd like to recommend is the thought balloon. This is a particularly good technique if some snappy text will enhance the image.

Magazine editors should approve of this inset photo technique.

Why limit yourself to one headshot?

And finally, here is the boombox method.

Instantly you're hip, you're streetwise, and you're the only person in the photo!


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