Easy, Illustrated Instructions on How to Paint a Room


I don't recommend using any kind of rolling edge-painting tool. Maybe someone can get these to work, but not me. Just use a brush for details like that.


When you are done painting everything, spend a few minutes looking back over your work. Don't quit immediately.

You will probably find 30 little trouble spots which need a little help.


This probably sounds crazy, but it's something that happens: Don't leave a strip unpainted between the ceiling and the wall just because you are afraid to get the wrong color on either one.

It's more important to have the two paint colors meet along a straight border than it is to have them meet exactly at the corner where the ceiling and wall meet.

It's a little better to have wall paint on the ceiling than it is to have ceiling paint on the wall.


In the case where there is a little pebble-line of leftover popcorn ceiling texture in the crease, I recommend painting the wall color over the popcorn and onto the ceiling a tiny bit, creating a straight line between the colors.


Washing out rollers and brushes is time consuming.

One short-cut, if you will need a particular color the next day, is to wrap the roller in a plastic ziplock bag and to throw it in the freezer.


The frozen paint will not gum up brushes and rollers. You just have to give them 10-15 minutes to defrost before you use them the next day.


When you are actually done with a color, and it is time to clean the brushes, clean them out very well.

It takes a long time to get all the paint out, but if you do a half-hearted job, or even a 90%-hearted job, the remaining paint will lock the bristles together and you'll have a brick on a stick.

Don't clean them outside with a hose in the gutter. Gutter water isn't processed before it flows to rivers and lakes, so make sure your paint water goes into a sink or toilet. You can do it outside in a big bucket, but dump the bucket into your toilet. I know, it seems backwards, but that's the right thing to do.

For the roller covers, it takes even longer to clean them out. They hold a lot of paint. If you really hate cleaning them, and don't mind chucking $3, you can just throw them out. I'm a pretty cheap person, but cleaning these things after a long night of painting can be a losing proposition.


Without a doubt, the best part of painting is pulling up the masking tape and seeing the finished look of the newly painted room.

It won't be perfect. Clean up any spots where the paint crept under the tape.



Replace the electrical cover plates, put the drapes back up and move in the furniture.

Bask in your achievement!

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January 21st, 2010 
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