Easy, Illustrated Instructions on How to Siphon Gas out of your Tank or Drain Water out of a Fishtank

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Yet another way to get a siphon going, which we discovered by accident, is to push the air out of a hose with water from the spigot (also known as a bib).

This technique is only good for siphoning water, and I'd only try this out of a container which has room for a little more water. Connect a garden hose to a faucet and place the other end into the tank you intend to drain. Yes, it now looks like you are going to do the opposite, but what you are trying to do is fill the hose completely with water.

Turn on the hose. Water should begin flowing into your tank along with some air bubbling up out of the water. Once the bubbles stop, the hose is completely full of water and ready to siphon.

Leave the hose in the tank and turn off the water. Unscrew the hose from the water spigot. If the spigot is lower than the tank you are draining, you will notice that water is already starting to flow back towards this spigot end.

Set the spigot end of the hose on the ground or drag it somewhere else.


It doesn't matter how long the hose is, as long as the final destination for the water is lower to the ground than the source bucket.

Keep it lower than the tank you are draining and it will keep flowing until all of your water is drained!

And that is about it! Water loves to flow downhill, and it will crawl through a pretty damn long hose to get there. All you have to do is keep the bubbles out.

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