proudly presents:

One Thousand Pictures of Ambur

The nice thing about a digital camera is that you can take a lot of pictures and they don't cost anything. With a gig of hard drive space, you can hold oodles of photos. After spending a few days online seaching for a photo of a "frustrated woman" I decided to do my part populating the internet with useful photos.
I ignored the naughty undertones of putting a woman's photo online, and convinced Ambur to let me follow her around for a few weeks. We took hundreds of photos in November 2000 to February 2001. I loaded the pictures online, and am pleased to offer this resource to the world. Enjoy these photos for your own personal or business web use.
Some data:
Most photos are 512x382 pixels, from 42-45K each. This size is great for websites, but a bit too small for print.
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Galleria ATM games
Ambur takes the elevator to the top
Ambur at the public phone
Ambur checking messages
Ambur reflected in the darkened Galleria
Chicago title loitering
Ambur opening her door, half-face
Ambur hanging up her hat
Ambur awaiting a ring at Galleria
bed covered in laundry
Ambur with red sweater superimposed
gas mask and mandolin ... rocking!
Israeli gas mask adjustment
pulling down the murphy bed
mid sentence reader
shocking visitors
amongst the boxes
boxing match hailing taxi
red parking lot
Ambur smiling from ear to ear, purple hoodie
entering the automobile, blurry background
hand on hip at Chevron
flipped hair near gas pumps
gas cap singing
giving to the acura, full strength
leaning in with the gas pump
drowsy from the fumes
eating snacks at Chevon
smirking gas gal
Ambur washes the rear windshield at the gas station
moving squeegee
strong arm washing
purple pullover girl
tower theatre movie model
over-the-shoulder indian basketball court
side stairs down Tower Theatre, handicapped sign
Spaghetti Factory tequila shot
low ball
sour lime
black turtleneck in Spaghetti Factory
browsing the menu
3 drink dining
awaiting appetizers
knife weilding Ambur
delicious tequila squint
tequila recovery expression
ice cream spoon
arcade game motorcycle
waiting room sorrow, with leg
Ambur holds her diamond ring
smash face, with whiteboard
telephone dialing, with bike
bad news on the phone
this is him on the phone now
girl on hold at home
sly grin with naughty oil painting
Ambur with orange party flier
Ambur at the whiteboard, writing
overhead office gal
face forward, interested Ambur
parking lot car search
frustrated and thoughful at the ATM
head in hands at night
from below, blair witch style
dark angel overhead spotlight figure
hidden figure with hood
red diamond of ten reflectors
cheerful shopping profile
fresh produce isle
where is that Golshlagger?
wine shopping
shopping Ambur
stepping indoors with a Jonathon Richmond CD
Ambur pursed lips on the stairs, pointing
nose-less comments
bent body dance move
look of pity
sticking out her tougue fingering the soundproof foam
hands on her hips, checking the studio monitors
hand on nose red room
anchor steam beer red room
over shoulder glance, plaid skirt
Ambur at the mixing board - red studio
black shirt over shoulder pensive gaze
closeup of Amburs face near the fan
cute glance at the monitors, at the studio
stomping out porn in the studio, keyboard
near the smoking guy
posidon pose with beer
electrical ocotpus
this is where my arm is attached to my body, blair witch
backstage with electrical wires
electric guitar in studio
crossed arm dreaming
dark fan room
grinning in the studio darkness
heater versus the fan in the studio, Ambur spectates
dark quiet room
listening with beer
intent stare in the control room
washing mugs with Pam Anderson
cooking at home
scanning the cupboard for hot cocoa
dark cooking show
candle making indoors
I think that is a cockroach
the most amazing commercial
squash and sugar, with hooded sweatshirt
mother nature in the kitchen, with smile
do these cans have an expiration date?
wistful Ambur
sculpting an aluminum pan liner
sideways glancing, with pail
the broad smile of accomplishment
pressing this wax, despite the smell
faux piano sink
mid-blink scolding
moving the cello in the dark
feeding the cat near the conga drums
blurry hair-brushing
beautiful happy hair styling
hands on collar, aware of her hair perfection
disconcern about the UFO landing in the living room, christmas lights
unlocking the hallway door, scared look, from below
if there was enough light to see my keys
Ambur at the ATM, checking her balance
Card stuck in the atm
Incensed at the balance
near the volcano, red light from below
blood shot
desperate red face
night lighting withdrawl
talking in the car
one eye forward, with scarf
taco bell anticipation
smiling with hands on chin
blurry motion in taco bell
hands on her chairs in the living room
finger licking
Ambur chewing
mexican pizza blue face
half chip in side view
mouse and beans
imac and cheese
50s hair with bangs from the top
birds eye nachos
overlit smile
mesmerized by the internet
sad imac with mystery fingers
c and h pure cane sugar
.22 bullets
blue cup
drinking and computing
over shoulder, with hair and aluminum foil
flash smile, hand on chin
bored with the internet
staring at the sun
explaining the coke with her hands
near the display case at Kinkos
enjoying coke with two hands
budwieser open cafe cream
whistling at the mexican restaurant
polish sandwich 99 cents
corn dogs at wienerschnitzel
delivering the summons
loop and bottle near the car
parking meter scratch with coke
Ambur near the bush, sitting on the curb, with hood
outdoors with coke bottle
K street, sacramento
lost near light rail
Sacramento bee newstand
checking the headlines
looking at the news near Kinkos
at the soda counter
drawn back chin
the last purple sock, with tattoo
empty downtown
paper project at kinkos
origami amongst the copiers
flabbergasted at the copy shop
paper cutter
hands comparing postcards at Kinkos
Kinkos product shot
apple scanner and g4
scanning on a mac
reviewing artwork
window shopping for shoes
through the window
reflection in glass
snow shopping
lets discuss jaywalking
blue bench and leaves
purple sweatshirt on K street
news stand, magazines
profile near the capitol
smiling magazine viewer
Sees candy tasting
Sees candy shopping
free newspaper grimace
chewing sunroof
candy kiss
bon bons in the car
centers closeup
chocolate closeup
cherry center
car chocolates
rooftop parking
cloudy rooftop
great parking
suicidal teen
office max elevator entrance
rooftop elevator
wall-mounted warning
envelope shopping for christmas cards
pen shopping at office circus
dead serious markers
zipper and ceiling
bett execu
dubious consumer
pepper convergence
satisfied with her work
sorting out the hanging clothes in the closet
leopard skin dressing room
walk-in closet
hanger smile
wardrobe shopping
rush in the closet
profile with clothes
hair in closet
behind the bed in black
on the bed, with downcast eyes and lights
post celebration
new apartment
drinking glass hand
hebrew music record album
inserting a CD into the stereo
nutritional choices
door to door salesman
empty sink
busy kitchen
hand towel
indoor snowball fight
checking the drying rack for clean forks
pulling down her sweater with open drawers
pasta and dishes
look at this orange thing
three little teacups
toothbrush handling in kitchen
dancing with joy at toothbrush
looking in the fridge for mustard
damn, look at that sweet potato
hand on the fridge door
out of the refridgerator
from beneath the machine
dill water
pinky soup
flash face dishwasher
adjusting the stove
chopping potatoes
cooking show
simple cross cut
kitchen doubt, hand on hip
aggressive food preparation
knife work
soy dream drinking out of the carton
snacking at the stove
boil & stir potatoes
stove view
paper product shot
story-telling hands at the co-op
parking lot over the shoulder
cold case fluorescents
choosing cheese
disappointing selection at the supermarket
frozen food selection
seafood counter
batman shot at the grocery store
dream store
whistling at the deli
sixty excellent cheese options
the lowest cheese
you can see the camera in this shot
organic soy milk
mischevious thumbnail
bulk food
the bins and scoops
bulk selections at the natural foods co-op
rainbow candle lineup at the store
busy concerned shopper
glad to see the beauty products
brown pot
bath items shopping
checkout time at the grocery store
profile at the brick office parking lot
exiting the car door
arriving at the BBQ
opening mail on the bed
empty bowl of cereal Sunday morning
browsing the imac brochure in bed
breakfast in bed
sophisticated home shopper
imac instructions
disappointing food quality
mouse close-up
imac scrolling
gazelle adidas shoe shot
the show
on the computer
mouse handling
the hand of design
at home, telecommuting
designing a new desk
my imac is making bizarre sounds
excited about technology
yellow teapot
steaming coffee filter
hot tea steam
stash and counters
sad closet door
fishing out the last olive
pouring coffee
happy kitchen with fridge
clean kitchen view
comfortable imac, feet up
feet up at the computer
shopping online
relaxed feet and red leather chair
murphy bed and cello bow
bow and guitar near the organ
mandolin on the organ
the best bow in the world
singing the praises of super bow
adjusting the tension
Ambur carrying her bass
adjusting the pin
this is not part of a boat
describing the next tune
about ready to start playing cello
funeral songs on the cello
dark minor chords
cello side view
cello hands
bowing up
Yo Yo Amber Ma
Bow Constrictor
Amber Concentrating on Cello
Gripping the cello kneck
Cello blimp shot
Cello over the shoulder
the cello case
music girl
musical widow
practice room
enjoy music now
gazelles at practice
lean into the instrument
cello body
concentrating chords
passion, but where are the fingers?
she does it for the music
is that even music?
packing up the cello
face on screen
screen light lit
dull blue light & stare
blue skin from the television
sacramento police car at Safeway
incisor screen shot
hood and orange
those things can get in here
her face on the computer screen
rock & roll hand signals
hanging the skirt
where did these shoes come from?
untying her blue tennis shoes
getting ready for dance
racing pose
concerned pipe stare down
coat trying
snug for winter
two boxes of cereal & orange at the exit
double zipper enlightenment
opening the freezer in the snow
tired and cold
awaiting our carjacker
glowing window face
on a buy
an incredible smile
stray hair in the passenger seat
overjoyed at the toll booth
fires in the foreground
posing with lawn pokemanin the snow
amongst the christmas characters
this is the frozen day
street parking only
christmas night window shopping
stars on the christmas tree
two hands on glass coveting the christmas spirit
one point greetings
consoling the statues
freezing by the memorial
traffic merge right
wow construction
night time street work
shuttered shopping venues
vampire watch
queen on vacation, nightfall
off broadway
whistle while you work on laundry
night wagon hauling struggle
the reign of the stairway
collective air kissing
crop dive
triangle and the smile
power mock
i am the mini blind
wandering hands
blur, orange kitchen
calling shots
two glares
talking and talking
lost and on the phone
curl locations
looks like kitty
busy girl
shift speaking
blinking and speaking
like aaron cometbus
cat, stage right
singing cellist
my bad. guitar.
kiss my frets
nail polish and lipstick
inquisitive in a dark room
blue sweatshirts de los muertos
smiles de los muertos
looking up, ball in hand
Upset like you and i
More phone peeks
Would appreciate privacy
Glad to hear it
Reflections on standing
Like everyone else
I'm fretting about puns...
hand like a plant
a regular dylan
making the "not bad" face
rock bill bethel!
winding down
now in boots
drive thru or through
fire fry in the nice car
star cup
glare in the nice car
fries in your face
ghosty ambur
cat ear like a shark fin
laughing profile
Adjusting Soda Straw
In Front of House
determined sexy, dead in the eyes
dark scarf with trees
financial waiting
open times two
disappointment in line
neck and shoulders at mexican place
prepare to enjoy coke
mexican hand salute
devious fruitbar
there is the sun, plastic fork
coke and military parade
drinking coke outside the restaurant
perfect big drink with pigtails
look how giant my house is!
viva picante sauce
what is the deal with this hot sauce?
arguing with the bottle
grand future ahead in America
sly sideways look with chip
surveying the street with pigtails
the city streets before her
meter maid
meter maid
across from the truck
backlight building
art deco mosaic
polka dots and ambur
funny braile
ambur and the sea of dots
watching skate
demure and bus
a month and 8 days
buying the bee
happen in san francisco
free news
now i am the paper
fence profile
florida street crossing
downtown side of face
victorian smile & stoplight
downtown city streets, black coat
iron cats cuddling
with the cold iron cat
sphinx and shrub smiling
blurry action in the revolving door
revolver hair style
revolving door 980
door lock crouch
surprise mushroom fountains
understanding style
library foyer
crap window shopping
nose pressed on glass
stunning glare
starbucks sucks
starbucks graffiti
cafe grin
night exit
blur faced retail
the doubtful consumer
santa pose in good guys
bambi on the big screen
stereo retail
retail blur
death on television receivers
intense glare
concerned at her selection
mesmerized by broadcast television
mad retail
mall smirk
defiant face
dark sorrow indoors
that is the tiniest little thing!
please exit here
straight on happy
doubtful lightshow
christmas cheer
flashout face
the trip to the sadness
stare of discovery
driving fear
seatbelt and rob
hat new mouse smell
opening cabinet
drinking with her new imac
delicious soda
short drinking
the imac keyboard
opening the boxes
taco bell cup and straw
computer equipment unpacking
dark keyboarding
keyboard nose
excited visit
presentation with coke
imac cord
imac touchdown
thirsty computing
drink and surfing
reflecting glasses
imac excitement
television night
blurry gang signs
Ambur forgot to save her work
bent over computer presentation
introduction to napster
joyous computing
smoothing her hair, pouting
happy to see you, but what did you get her for christmas?
saturday night fever
leaning right with a little doubt
surprise announcement
tilted interest
red attention, with cheeks
sideways glance with interest
at the computer, in hooded sweatshirt
busy computer worker
side view of computer worker
concerned work at machine
does candy come out of this thing?
interested browser from above
Ambur infatuated with internet images
mouse eye view with interest
computer operator from above, leaning forward
busy work at home
full screen with edge of her face
interesting web site indeed
freckled head tilt, with hand
grimace at the state of online world
determined side of face
eyebrows up and blissful
the horror online
mouse-eye view of craned neck surfer
computer room
careful keyboard
attention on the E key
napster stare
cutie at the controls
shocking vision or full mouth
ready for technology to whisk her away
toothy smile and coca cola at the desk
computing from over the shoulder
halloween screen
how did you get the mayor's card?
action computing
pointing and joyful Ambur
palms up cheer and sing
thumbs up and cheering from the side
concerned office work
face forward attention from the side
shock at the pages
moon faced girl with strange lighting trick
glowing face mousing hand
under the grape cluster of lightbulbs
quarter shot of head, with thumbnail
blurry attack face
disgusted batman shot
enjoyable web
doubtful style watching hands on hips
savvy sexy
toothy interest at the desk
eyes right toothy cartoon smile
there are lots of zeros on this check...wait, they are all zeros!
study sheet with coke
solitary confinment
personal dental hygene
begging for change
obtaining money
look both ways before crossing the street
who cut me off
this is so fucking ugly
blury suprise
who's on first
giant eyed woman, with hands
candy smile in bedroom
closeup sneer with overflash
kissy face aunt
kissy face self portrait with Rob
sexy kiss self portrait
concerned with bicycle
chatty cheeky
hair tossed internet shopper
fresh forward hair, with eyes on you
hair in motion with a look of disappoointment
poo poo face
smiling with hair across her face & bananas in the background
sharp happy with boxing globes
one finger sniffle
whistling waiting with super hair
double handed hair scratch
satisfied computer gal
pursed lips at the gateway
action near the ears
disappointment at the terminal
batman camera posture perfect
super zoom open-mouthed turbo action computer
doe-eyed wonderment at the dorm computer
is there a hidden cache of chocolate here?
watching the action as it unfolds in real life
shot from on top, young smile
I always cry at this sad part of the powerpoint
blurry action in the dorm
inside with the bike and the calendar
Bianchi choir with gusto
dry erase discussion, hand behind head
white board planning
eyes on saturday night fever
expo markers on my whiteboard
tattooed Ambur at the whiteboard...double jointed
whiteboard and lightswitch from the rear
anticipating about the download
lobster boy puts her to sleep
pulp reading, busy fingers
foot-eye view of seweeping chores
looking over the balcony at the fig tree
laundry concern
power switch deactivation action
beeswax shopping in Sacramento
bee supplies shopping. helmets
monkey dish at the salsa bar
careful dip with classic fingers
electro groove on alive and kicking at Pescados on Sunday
finger dipping at the outdoor cafe
fish tacos mid-chew
happy mexican food, busy cafe
big smile with cello case
loading the equipment into the hatchback
on the way to practice
security deposit sweeping
victorian housework
sunlight dishwashing
witch stance
moving out reminisce
string operation beta
pouring wax at the stove, chaokon
the mysterious light of an imac
the making of a smiths t-shirt
mouse bite
which one of these did I use for the password?
china stories
you are a liar
the small printout that inspired a musical
active window imac
reading out loud near the murphy bed
the cat and the candle
trimming the candle
yawn or opera at the exit
nine-tenths blink
sour gummi worms in transit
passenger on the cell phone
makeup aisle spray bottle
into the sunlight and out to the stairs, over the shoulder
eating grapes near the super lamp
eating tangerine near the sheet music
over the car, a shot looking left
behind the two men at Los Jarritos
kery w and chips and salsa
pursed lips, two hands on the chips
smoking with the receipt
sitting down with coffee at her lips
walking up the stairs to regain her stature
salsa dancing, with reciept
giant chin and half chip
aluminum foil and mexican food
smirking or burping
preying with the burrito
the burrito discussions, with soda
preparing to defend her dietary decisions
do you want the rest of this?
santa overlooks the chewing
surveying the rice and beans
what about that old red cooler?
blockbuster now hiring
smiling at the auto parts store
super cheek, super cheek, shes super cheeky, yeah
tying her shoe on the wall
figure with bicycle, plain background
christmas tree displeasure at Target
Christmas tree farm
among the pointsettas
xmas bulbs in the box
head under the xmas tree
musical wonderment for sale
buying cat litter
buying cat litter
behold the tidy cats
cat food in hand
mouthwash in the checkout line, with neon
fresh burst listerine tamper proof top
sexy passenger 100
dark faced house hunting
autumn at the park
hair flip fun at the park
park walkway and trees
natural smile
folded arms near the tanks
chain link protester
my own four blue tanks
pouty face with pond and fisherman
running at the park
blurry enjoyment of the miniature roses
stopped to smell the roses
rose garden inducing sleep
shocked spectator with flowers
secrets of the roses
funeral rose at the graveyard
yellow rose smell
hidden amongst the rose bushes
nearly wild floribunda
California vietnam memorial
Army equipment at the park
remembering the art of war
just like in the stories
purple under orange
bamboo blur
embracing the cane
monkey or panda
in the capitol gardens
angel near the roots
woodland pixie resting head in her hands
secret place
weird roots
thinking about the future of enviromentalism
crunched up nose
outside the garden shack
perfume commercial
tightrope walking on the statf vfhicle curb
at the door of the office 1300
emerging from the office
dark face with palm trees
round eyes before the theatre opens
they tore down the disco
bulldozer blues
tire dance with graffiti
obstacle course
jumping through tires
camera cafe
enjoying the outdoor cafe scene ... for once
somber wall
dark peek
the new restaurant
paper coffee cup
challenged cafe goer
shot from below the chin, between the tables
laughing hysterically and uncontrollably at 894, head in her hands
animated joy at Capitol Garage
brick wall outside the coffee shop
look who else got a latte!
tuesday night dull
Beers books symmetry
bookstore browse
shoplifting at the used bookstore
crafts bookshelf from behind
used pulp fiction browsing
reading the music at the store
spiral staircase reading
pinpoint lights entering the car
parking garage
outside the inn looking stiff
toy shelves
timmy's banana on Ambur's fridge
ready to hit the winter
post club haze
eating at willys
fries with drink
looking at the napkin dispenser
fries shot
greasy food
arctic break
blurry enjoyment
hello kitty accessories. pink and black
plastic santa makeup aisle
christmas shopping near the price scanner
laughing at the nail polish
checking the ingredients of cold and allergy medicine
blurry medicine shopping
super high-tech toothbrush
comparing dental hygene products
stuffed singing lobster toy
welcoming face
toy shopping savvy
vtech electronic organ
playing with the toy organ in the store
keyboard try outs
bright toy store action
four plastic electronic guitars
pink girly accessories
christina aguilera doll with barbie in the rear
amazing ally distrubed
on the astroturf with red lines
sitting indian style on the 40 yeard line
sleeping on the green carpet
coffee maker shakedown
shiny appliances
this coffee is blue paper
powerful toaster pain
ten thousand jelly beans
LSD shopping experience
why would anyone buy this?
cool smile at night
tire swing and traffic cones
bulldozer seat
adjusting the dozer lgihts
smiling face in the dark
famous smile
entering the VW bug
porch hand calculations
sleep walking over the xerox machine
behold the fantastic tothbrush of the future
the fanstastic toothbrush prepares for action with the toothpaste
pink radio has special weird powers
bathroom morning
blue light night work
in the bath
spitting toothpaste
shower curtain and teeth brushing
new yoda toothbrush
bathroom duties
sink and toilet paper
mystical toothbrush experience
sad toothbrush duties before bed
batman teeth scare
clean yoda smiling
medicine cabinet shake-up
green drinking
that listerine burns the inside of your cheeks
drinking in the bath
cat hug in the kitchen
oochy with cat
heavy petting
in the kitchen with Lauren
cutting up magazines for pasting
cutting up pictures for that science project
craft table, yeah, I said crafts
purple cherub face in the parking lot
front view of a woman about to die laughing
dumpster plus skirt equals hijinks
the finishing touches on shiny metal
pushing a shopping cart at night
homeless yet stylish
guarding the tree with pride
mid-chew at the dinner table
licking the salt from her hand
never put tennis balls in your mouth
four beers at the red room
top view of shoulders and keyboard
the red street lighting out by 3rd Avenue
bathroom products in shiny bottles
from the evening program
high school band starts in five days
we arent scared, are we kitty?
dark night of practice
behind the cellist
guilty smile in the victorian laundry room
deer in the headlights
the call from Eric
coy telephone doubt
dark kitchen
double fist pumping face of total victory
Gee Dee Cee and the Dee again
post drive thru bliss
enjoy the radio
laughing her way to the top
a silent prayer that the keys aren't missing
cleaning up some cat vomit
fake chat room photo
feeding the cat zip disks
folk music ponytails
planning the next song
guitar playing with lightning fingers
the music room with margarine tub
leaning over the guitar, listening
a seat for the guitar
playing and singing for a tiny audience
lessons at Amburs house
singing oooo, with passion
blocking the sun from her face
slight interest at the parallel parking on J Street
fence across from the US bank building
quiet city alley
sad city downtown
painted wooden sidewalk
the pained song face
double tooth storytelling
closeup at the party
supernova taco
searching for hidden songwriters
ignoring the apples
bored by the expensive computers at the studio
night time ATM service
Head on knee while watching the end of the science movie
wet squeegee action at pump 20
talking down to the computer
concerned about the technical specifications
bored of the internet
the thinker
this hair will not stop me from hitting that pinata
B Y happy year with santa window
reviewing her own photos after the haircut
sipping mocha at the office with sunglasses
over the receptionists desk
one handed secretary
leaving the office for the day
removing that little black smudge
arriving at the museum
Ambur and Rob in back of Chihuly
chihuly jerusalem 2000 reception
quiet reservation with flowers
Ambur posing with the glass master
Chihuly directing the pictures
a lot of eyes on the camera
the perfect shot of chihuly...oh yeah, and ambur
pledge allegence
grabbing for the chihuly sign
blue shirted chihuly points out ambur
furious record shopping
saluting the door
sheer joy at the cockeyed flatscreen
editors note: This page and the attached photos are worth a million words.
Craig Chaquico's 'a thousand pictures' music album
a thousand pictures of Lebanon by Børre Ludvigsen and Antonia Reime

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