Divided Review Project: Please Review One Page of Prank the Monkey.

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My friend Sir John Hargrave has put together an incredible book of pranks. Its titled "Prank the Monkey, the ZUG Book of Pranks".

He sent me a pre-release copy to review before this thing is released (unleashed) to the public.



His stories are terrific... can you ever really get enough of pranks? I can't.



To hide the fact that I was reading a book at church, I asked Tim at Blue Moon Printing to put the book into the massive Titan paper cutter.

With the binding cut off, it was easy to tuck the pages amongst those of the Big Book of Colonial Hymns.

I'm done with the book, but I'm still putting the finishing touches on my report. Until then, I thought I would pass the book along to a friend.

Unfortunately, Ms. Winfrey didn't want to review it (she kinda comes across poorly on page 144).

So here is the new plan: I'm dividing the task among Cockeyed.com readers. I want you to review one page of Prank the Monkey.

If you are up to the task, type your mailing address into the box below. I'll send you one page of Prank the Monkey free in the mail, if you agree to return a review of that page.

Reviewers will be invited to a Cockeyed.com comments form, where you will be directed to type your very short review. I'll re-assemble all of the reviews and post the results! It should be very interesting!

To keep postal costs low, this Divided Review Project is only open within the continental U.S. Only one page per person, and only one page per city.

Thank you. In case you are wondering, this is not a prank.

Please use this format:
1234 Street Way
City, State ZIP


I have collected too many addresses. Only half of those who responded will get a page. I am sorry. I was detained and couldn't turn the page off quickly enough.


The whole book has been mailed out! Check your mailbox for a first look at these great book pages, and follow the instructions to leave your review. Thanks!


Please continue reading page one of the divided review project, Prank the Monkey.

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January 30, 2007.

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