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Page 131-132 131 & 132 First of all, Page 131 is a photograph of a crudely drawn picture on spiral paper, of Charles Manson with a swastika on his forehead. Just this picture makes it all worthwhile. Page 132 doesn't give you any spoilers, and it doesn't confuse you enough to not know what is going on in the book. It sets up the perfect plot line and everything, and is full of jokes and laughs.
Page 135-136 135-136 The premise on these pages seems to be sending fake "last wish for a dying child" letters to various celebrites, in hopes of separating the kind hearted from the stone variety. Page 135 reveals that Ronald McDonald and Jerry Lewis are both wonderful humans, but the real drama begins as the page turns. A mysterious package arrives for John, marked only with the return address of "MANSON". Unfortunately, this is also the final word on the page. Who is this MANSON? Charles? Marilyn? No, my money is on all time hockey great, defenseman Dave Manson. In short, this book has it all. Nicely folded, properly ordered words, full complement of punctuation, and a picture of Jerry Lewis in clown makeup. Quite a lot, for one small page.
Page 143-144 I was lucky enough to have received page 144, the illustrious page where upon Oprah Winfrey is mentioned in a list of “Celebrity Sincerity: The Results”. This list includes the likes of Charles Manson who is mentioned as being “Wicked sincere” and Oprah listed at the bottom as “Insincere”. Being ranked in this way I can see why she would have been none too happy about wanting to review the book. The pages I received don’t tell the whole story, but in a prank about a dying-twelve-year-old girl, Oprah’s response was none, while Charles Manson sent three handcrafted keepsake boxes. Other celebrities are listed with how they responded and sincerity level. Manson, by the way, tops the list. Joe Zook - Ventura CA
Page 149-150 I received pages 149/150. This particular story was entitled, "I Kissed Bill Gates." That in itself is funny, because really, who would want to kiss Bill Gates. Actually, I would kiss his feet, if only he would lend me a small amount of his fortune. But I digress. I ejoyed this little clipping of the book, mainly because it takl about some of my favorite things: mobs, security guards, Vegas-sized breasts, and robots. Dancing robots. I suppose I'll have to buy the book to see how the story turns out! James R.
Page 151-152 Pages 151 & 152 Resubmission: When I got home tonight I was pleased an surprised to see that I was the lucky fellow who was selected to be the NYC representative in the Please Review One Page of Prank the Monkey on Cockeyed.com. I raced up all six flights to completely document the entire process. And what luck! The page I received described how the author, and I don't think this is too much of a spoiler, interacted with the highly topical Microsoft juggernaut Bill Gates. But my giddy joy was quickly replaced with crippling ennui. Admittedly, the single page was not sufficient to see the prank to fruition. That said the tone of what I read was a prank along the lines of that fellow in Detroit who pranked Ron Artest in Nov. 2004. I'm certain that in context the entire anecdote is both charming and hilarious. Alas, as previously mentioned, I only saw a portion. But this story has a happy ending as I was the participant who received the extra instruction page. Hooray to family Cockerham!








Page 153-154 153/154 The page is 8 7/32" tall by 5 11/32" wide. It is white paper that feels somewhat stiffer than normal copy paper. It is folded in thirds horizontally, but it isn't clear if that was only to fit it into the envelope or if the book was also folded this way. The total text height on page 153, excluding page numbers and labels, is 6 1/2". The text is not right justified, so the distance from the leftmost text to the rightmost text is 3 11/32". Page 154 has the same height, but the maximum width is 3 3/8". Page 154 also has a footnote[1]. The page is most likely from the late 20th or early 21st centuries. [1] From Forbes
Page 155-156 155-156: Page 155 ended the "I kissed Bill Gates" prank, and there really is not much I can say about it with the limited info, just that it set up for the next one, "The Making of Michael Jackson's Thriller". Page 156 starts out with some real interesting facts about getting legitimate credit cards containing a celebrities name. What a crazy idea, but I guess it works. There are two pictures that look like they are from the news, completely confusing them (like it's hard), and sounds like The Media was the focus of this prank.
Page 157-158 Page 157 & 158 Any successful prank starts with a professional business card. This page starts out my explaining how to obtain one in an hour; go to Kinko's. It then goes on to talk about Michael's son, Prince. Somehow this relates to someone portraying a midget. On page 157, we learn that they are talking about Michael Jackson (as I suspected all along). The writer made a call to the Boston Harold and sent a bogus tip that Michael Jackson was staying at the Copley Plaza Hotel and (not trying to give too much away) this event would bring much publicity to the paper. Anyhow, at the bottom of the page there is a business card for ZUG, Inc. with the phone numbers blurred out. This is a bummer because I'd like to prank call them at the moment just for kicks. Thanks for sending me this one page. I'll be adding the book to my wish list in the near future. Thomas :) http://www.tomslatin.com
Page 163-164 163 & 164 These pages are titled "The Making of Michael Jackson's Thriller." I was actually kind of disappointed to receive these particular pages from Sir Hargrave's book, as I am already familiar with this prank. Being a regular member of his website's message board, I've already read an article about it and purchased the video (which can be downloaded at www.prankthemonkey.com/mj if anyone is interested). However, I figured this was just karma's way of turning on me for trying to get pieces of the book for free. Anyway, these two pages are about Hargrave's fake Michael Jackson #1, and the experiences they had together at the mall. I specifically liked the way Victoria's Secret is described - "The mannequins were dressed in thongs and garters, their erect nipples barely covered by lacy bras," and, of course, the fact that the place "is starting to look like a fucking Amsterdam whorehouse" can't be denied. So the prose was excellent and the visuals conjured up were great. I can't wait to get the entire book in the mail from amazon! Holly aka UnderWhere? on www.zug.com/gab
Page 165-166 pages 165 - 166 These pages are both covering the Michael Jackson prank. Since I'm slow to turn in my assignment, the pages before and after these are already reviewed, so that should be of no surprise to anyone. I am also a reader of Zug.com, so this was nothing new, having been reported on some time ago on that site, so I was mildly disappointed in that, but hey, what do you want for free? I was very excited to be a part of this project regardless. The pages are nicely printed, with at least 6 distinct fonts used between the two pages. The margins are not very even though, with a very wide column down the outer edge of page 165 with nothing in it. Thank you, Rob, for this opportunity. I will treasure the page and envelope at least until the next time I clean off my desk at work. Mike Kunzelman
Page 167-168 Pages 167-168 These pages are about the Michael Jackson prank (as an occasional Zug reader, I'm familiar with this one). This is in the middle of the prank, where John is shown the balcony where they'll be sitting, and they get ready to go. It's only mildly funny in itself, but it's priming the pump for the big finale. Looking forward to seeing the book.
Page 169-170 Page 169 & 170 are a writhing, exciting mess that begin the same way they end: in mid-paragraph. The story continues the story of Michael Jackson scam that I swear I previously read on Zug.com. Which is way funnier as a whole than as a single page. Two pages. The narrator and his cohorts are in a fancy hotel during a loud charity concert with a man they are pretending is Michael Jackson; the hotel proprieters are bending over backwards to accommodate their requests for nuts and donation forms. For maybe ten seconds I pretended I had the last 168 pages, and so I can honestly say that pages 169 and 170 definitely live up to the hype of the imaginary 168 pages I didn't read before them. Robert Chatham, Memphis TN
Page 173-174 Pages 173-174 Start here: http://www.zug.com/pranks/credit/mj-credit-card/index03.html Begin at the fourth paragraph under the picture of Gladys Knight. End here: http://www.zug.com/pranks/credit/mj-credit-card/index04.html The last paragraph on page 174 is the first paragraph in the "Invincible" section. There is also a picture of the business card on page 174, roughly in the same position as the one on the webpage, although not the same business card. The one on zug.com shows the zipcode as 02492, but the one in the book shows the zipcode as 02199. Also, in the book, the picture appears to have two phone numbers blurred out, as opposed to one line blocked out and a visible email address shown on the website. As a regular reader of zug.com, I'm somewhat disappointed to see recycled material in the book. List of differences: zug - "as a hungry lion might size up a hyena." PTM - "a hungry lion sizing up a pregnant hyena." zug - "I pointed at the curtain, waving the team out the door behind me." PTM - "I pointed at the curtain, summoning the team that it was time to go." zug - missing sentences PTM - "Although I desperately wanted Michael to meed Gladys Knight, I had to make one of the toughest calls of my pranking career. Like a general ordering the troops to withdraw, I decided to get us out of there." zug - "Mr. Jackson isn't feeling up to meeting anyone tonight." PTM - "Mr. Jackson isn't feeling up to meeting Gladys tonight." zug - "Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the team piling into the limosine." PTM - "Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Hugo getting into the limosine." zug - "Do you have a card?" he asked me. PTM - "Do you have a card?" zug - "I quickly entered the limo..." PTM - "I quickly got in the limo..." zug - "take us away, somewhere, anywhere but here." PTM - "take us away: somewhere, anywhere but here." zug - "I'm pretty sure had figured out it wasn't Michael Jackson." PTM - "I'm pretty sure had figured out he wasn't driving around Michael Jackson." zug - "I let out a long sigh." PTM - "I let out a long sigh of relief." zug - "INVINCIBLE" PTM - "Invincible" zug - "V.I.P." PTM - "VIP" zug - missing sentence PTM - "From there, the story was syndicated to media outlets around the globe." zug - "then left with only an anonymous donation." PTM - "and then left with only an anonymous donation." Nick F.
Page 175-176 175 - 176 Well 175 appears to be the last page of the Michael Jackson prank, hes telling how he must have made a security guards night getting a chance to meet the famous Michael Jackson at the hotel, and how they pulled it off so well not even the media could figure out who pulled it off. Wish i had the beginings of this prank, seems like it went over very well. page 176 begins the prank with Elizabeth Hurley, called "Hurley Whirler" he starts off making some nice cracks at her, her breasts, and Gary Coleman. Hurley is going around for breast cancer fund raising, and it seems that she could be giving a lot more than she is, and thats where it leaves off. I should also add that he makes a good point about the cancer ribbons, the pink ribbon really should have been for vagina cancer rather than breast cancer. thanks for the opportunity to do this, lots of fun, glad i got it today, made my day.
Page 177-178 Pages 177 & 178 Interesting. My page acctually was the run up and reasoning behind a prank, so I didn't get the actual results and execution. The writing was good, easy to read, but some of the verbiage was a little crude. As my wife said however, "The book is called "Prank the Monkey", I think crude language was assumed." I enjoyed the small bite of this book, and I am interested to hear what happened if and when he decided to pull this prank.
Page 181-182 Page 181-182
What sweet anticipation to open the page of a new book. I had to fight the temptation to ask too much from such a sport piece of prose. But to some degree, I was not disappointed. In two pages Mr. Hargrave deals with sex (ejaculated in his shorts), celebrity (Elizabeth Hurley), death (cancer) and even the art of origami. All in all a well balanced treatment of some of the major themes of literature. We can only hope the rest of the book will continue in this fine tradition.
One quibble is the unanswered question of the connection between
these two pages and the title of the book “Prank the Monkey-The ZUG Book of Pranks”. There is no mention of monkeys. ZUG remains a total mystery, as is the nature of the prank(s). However, I have to admit that what I reviewed does indeed appear to be two pages (one leaf?) of a book.
Page 187-188 Pages 187-188 I am a long-time fan of Sir John Hargrave's work, and I have to say that his talent really comes through in these two pages, which are just so jam-packed with funny that I actually found myself chuckling (prompting my wife to roll her eyes at me, again). Hargrave begins page 187 with a thorough discussion of Ashton Kutcher, employing over 15 adjectives and adjectival phrases to describe just how annoying Kutcher is. He then teases me with the lead-up to a prank that, as usual, sounds really funny but couldn't fit on only two pages (Blast!). I may just have to buy this book...
Page 193-194 Pages 193-194 The page contains instructions on how easy it is to get a credit card company to issue anyone a secondary card with absolutely anyone's name on it. Mr.Sir John Hargrave chose to get a card issued in Ashton Kutcher's name. He ends up booking the penthouse suite at the Bellagio as Kutcher, only to tell us he would cancel the reservation in a couple of weeks before being charged. I can see where this would be fun to accomplish, but if you can't see the desk clerk's response I fail to see how this becomes a prank. And besides, wouldn't a hotel worker at the Bellagio be somewhat indifferent to a celebrity staying in the penthouse? Page 194 begins a new section where the author intends to elevate the art of phone pranking. He begins to detail how he enlisted people to fill up a voicemail box with boring messages to Ashton Kutcher. The end of the page left me hanging in suspense as he called a phone sex line using the Kutcher credit card. I don't know how this one ends but I suspect it is better than the previous page.
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February 18, 2007.

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