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Page 197-198 pp. 197-198 My page appeared to be from the 'Celebrities' section of the book, more specifically the Ashton Kutcher prank. This particular prank involved a fake website set up that contained the private voicemails of Ashton, complete with secret Easter eggs for the truly hardcore. The second page talked about using FARK.com to really launch the prank into the mainstream - and really, what better place is there to do that? Drew Curtis of FARK agreed to post the website in return for sweet, sweet revenge on all those no-brain mass media reporters. Sadly, I do not know the outcome of this prank, or how well FARK did with the promotion...guess I'll have to buy the book and find out! Laura from Chicago
Page 199-200 pg 199 - 200

It appears that I have the results of a prank where John claimed to have the audio of Ashton Kutcher's cell phone messages on a hoax website "Ashtonhacked.com". The fact that Paris Hilton's cell phone was hacked in real life added to the drama and his baiting worked. Even John admits that he is a "Master Baiter", as told by one of the headings on page 199. 

The deluge of calls to a voicemail box, requests for interviews, and the 'news' being spread by the unscrupulous United Press International began to show how well this prank was taking off. It was deepened by the real news of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore getting married. I can only assume how the prank began, and that it most likely edged towards Demo and Ashton's deepest, most private fantasies falsely recorded and hosted for the media and fan obsessed. I may have to track down the owners of pages 197, 198 and 201, 202 to find out myself, or perhaps I'll just buy the book. Maybe that'll help recoup the 30G's John spent hacking the Super Bowl. 

Thanks for the opportunity to review "Prank the Monkey"! 

-Joshua Devine
Page 203-204 Pages 203 & 204 I was so hooked by the incomplete description of the Ashton Kutcher's fake wedding prank in these two pages that I had to find the rest of the story. Read this book one page at a time and you'll be hooked too!
Page 205-206 (Pages 205-206) Intriguing and ammusing at the same time. I was at the edge of my seat! Er, maybe not quite the edge, but I was definitely not leaning back. I really want to know what was done to Ashton Kutcher now. My one-year-old son giggled a bit, but wants to know who Aston Kutcher is, and says the page tastes kind of yucky. - Jordan Sugarman
Page 207-208 207-208 This seemed to be the first two pages in a section entitled "Government". One side (207), had the word "Government" stylized as graffiti with a small drawing of a man urinating on the title. A small drawing of the capitol building, with the dome drawn to look like a breast (the left one I think). The other side of the page (208), starts to detail his journey into becoming a British knight. The contents of two letters are displayed graphically for the reader. The first letter is from the author to Her Majesty The Queen at Buckingham Palace, requesting to be knighted and asking for the appropriate forms to do so. The second letter is from The Ceremonial Secretariat from the Cabinet Office at Buckingham Palace glancing over the process toward becoming a knight. The enclosed materials were not displayed on this page.
Page 213-214 I received pages 213 and 214, part of the "Royal Pain in the Ass" section. I thoroughly enjoyed the author's quest for not only knighthood, but for any and all perks that come with the title and position. Sadly, there are no discounts or 2-for-1 deals at Arby's, as the British Cabinet was able to inform him. He references Kitty Kelley's book, The Royals, and teaches us all about a new snack- the jammy dodger. MMMM!! -Maryann Scott, Homer, NY
Page 215-216 Page 215 This page begins in the middle of a story about John Hargrave in the middle of a prank call inquiring about the possibility of knighthood for himself. He is hung up on after explaining what a "British kiss" is, as opposed to a French kiss (no tongue, lips tightly pursed). Page 216 This delightfully funny page details John returning to the courthouse to get his name legally changed to Sir John Hargrave. The judge remembered him from his last attempt, but John glazed the judge's eyes over with an impromptu tale of religious drives, sidestepping the legal barrier to his knighthood. Either I am very lucky to have received such a humorous page, or Prank the Monkey is a hilarious book through and through. I will absolutely purchase it after having read this page. Thanks for the opportunity, Rob! --Eric Henson
Page 217-218 Page 217-218
This morning I was let out of my first class early which enabled me to get breakfast. Before ordering my bagel and hot chocolate, I went to my mail box and to my surprise, my page had arrived! As a spread the cream cheese over the bagel I started to read page 217. The top, right 
hand corner says "Royal Pain In the Ass" and I assume that this page is part of a section. Taking up most of page 217 is a photocopy of a name change certificate. According to this, Christopher Ashton Kutcher changed his name, legally, to Sir John Myers Hargrave on 14th of December 2005. Adding "Sir" to the name seems to have been prompted after being rejected for an Honours Nomination by the Queen of England. Also on page 217 is a dark photocopy of Sir John's Massachusetts driver's 
license, noting the name reading "HARGRAVE, SIR JOHNM". The photocopy is quite dark and somewhat hard to read.
Page 218 is mostly a transcript of a phone call that Sir John had with the British Cabinet Office. In short he let them know he had legally changed his name to "Sir John Hargrave" after his rejection. This page also has a photocopy of Sir John's YMCA membership card which reads "Sir john Hargrave". At least they got more of it correct than the DMV.

Page 221-222 My one page (page 221 and 222) was hilarious. I really wish I had the next few pages. I think I might have to buy it.










Page 227-228 P. 227 & 228 Divided Review Prank the Monkey. Prank the Monkey:The ZUG Book of Pranks (Paperback) by Sir John Hargrave Pranks have drawn the eye of the non-creative for as long as man has lived. Often to just scratch their head and go "hun? Why would someone do that?" From the simple "pull my finger" prank to the more complex CalTech Rose Bowl pranks, people have pulled them and others have just been confused and flustered. Pranks are the way the exceptional but powerless rebel at authority. In the classic prank book "If At All Possible, Involve A Cow" by Neil Steinberg (St. Martins Press 1992) He lists six rules about pranks that one should follow when Pranking. Sir Hargrave's new book, does well by the rules. Page 227 and 228 are a strike against the powerful in Congress by the average man. Sir Hargrave is able to meet four out of six of the "good prank" rules with this prank. How ever he fails to involve a cow, a big disappointment, but does not reduce the pranks skill and humor. Following Steinberg's rules he successfully and brilliantly met rule number four: People are gullible and will believe almost anything. In this case Sir John pretended to be a young student who as part of a government school project asked 100 Senator's to fill out the "Senator Joke Form". The idea of the most powerful leaders in the nation sitting down and filling out a Joke Form to help out "little Johnny" makes one proud of their work. The page is filled with copies of actual letters from Senators, each with an explanation of the set up and results. The page is laid out well, making it an easy read for one commuting to work while trying to talk on the cell phone, shave, eat your bagel, and do that safe driving thing. I highly recommend getting this page for your summer reading. SSG (P) Kone, William Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland


Hi Rob,

A few things happen when you send part of a text to a Ph.D.-to-be and her Ph.D-and-M.A.-to-be friends. They edit said textbook page. And they edit said textbook page while playing "Edward Beerhands." (which involves taping forties to your hands, which you are not allowed to remove until you've finished them)

My friend Brad actually took the photo of me and Tina while the forties were still taped to his hands (you can see them on either side of the image). That is sheer skill.

Anyway, let me know if you get this - I'm afraid your spam filter might grab it because the files are big. Or because the e-mail is soaked in beer.







































Page 239-240 Hi Rob,

I was really excited about being part of this project! I did worry, however, that my chance to participate had been thwarted by some other person in my town, or that I'd just put in my name too late. The day my page arrived, I got one other piece of "real" mail - a note from my grandmother. I'm too ashamed to say which was more exciting. 
As I lovingly held the envelope, however, I noticed a little hole in the bottom of it. It's a pretty clean punch , probably from some wayward machinery (yeah, I have no idea). I had a moment of panic regarding the page inside.. However, as you can see in the pictures, the hole was pretty small, and the words that were cut out were pretty easy to fill in. Somewhere, someone has a little tiny sheet of paper with "tries of" on one side of it and they have no idea what it means.

So I read my little maimed pages... the first page was a bit of a disappointment since it was the last page of a prank I'd already read on zug.com: the one where he got senators to send in their favorite jokes. Fun prank, but I didn't really realize that he'd be using old stuff in the book.
I was worried when I went on to the next page that it would be old material as well, but it was the start of a prank that isn't on the website yet. It's called "The Untied Nations;" I don't know what the prank is at all. I did learn that the UN has a poor track record at actually saving "succeeding generations from the scourge of war," which is part of its stated purpose. My page ends with a question: "which country in the UN is most devoted to world peace?" Sounds like the start of a fun prank, so I'll be interested to see how it turns out! Zug.com is a funny place, and John Hargrave is a great writer, so I have no doubt the book is a worthwhile read.

Page 241-242 My portion of the review covers pages 241 and 242. The ending paragraph on 241 segues into the history of the United Nations, and why they need a good pranking. Mid-way into the page, there is a boring explanation of why the UN was created. But wait! The author states “Are they gone yet?” and introduces a new sneak peek at a new novel containing hardcore unicorn pornography. Page 242 is an outstanding 6 panel cartoon featuring hot unicorn action. Oh yes, my friends, unicorn porn. I have been introduced to Uniporn, as Hargraves calls it.


Page 243-244 243-244 I have been a long-time fan of cockeyed.com and zug.com, so I expected this book to be filled with recollections of pranks and humorous anecdotes, much like what I have seen on both of these websites. What I found in my mailbox, however, was a different story. Page 243 contained no text but rather a full-page, hand-drawn, extremely disturbing cartoon. Whoever thought this up should be ashamed. The artist took adorable fairy tale characters and woodland creatures and made them deviant sexual animals. Disgusting. Page 244 was more what I expected - it appeared to be an introduction to a prank on the United Nations. The author made some good points, like, "the thing I personally found most tragic about the United Nations was how little *peace* the world's peacekeepers had been able to secure." Interesting perspective. -Amy, Louisville, KY
Page 249-250 249 & 250 The prank described appears to be hilarious, if it is real. The first page shows some black & white photos and signatures that appear to be from various UN representatives with the words "Peace Homey." If it is true that the author was able to obtain these types of responses, I would love to read other pranks.
Page 255-256 Pages 255 and 256. My pages review toll collection procedures on the Massachusetts Turnpike (coincidentally a road that I use almost every day). The author describes experiment #1 (shortchanging the State by 3 cents in an automated lane). Other experiments presumably follow, but looks like I will have to buy the book to read the rest. Unless whoever got page 257 could send it to me? Thanks in advance. -Jim
Page 257-258 Pages 257-258. These two pages are right smack in the middle of what seems to be a "lets see what we can get away with" toll booth experiment. After reading all of experiments 2, 3, and 4, and part of 5, I wanted to read more. While I've defiantly seen more ground breaking stuff before, these experiments were plenty good. The experiments range from funny (The IOU), to stretching it (50 cent X 2). The writing is good and provides excellent pictures to go along with each experiment. While I suspect this is used as filler, it does it's job either way. I can see why Rob wanted me to review this, from the way it's presented, and what I know from cockeyed.com, Rob's website could easily translate into a book such as this and bring him in huge amounts of revenue. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!! How much is inside? The Book. Patent Pending...
Please continue reading page five of the divided review project, Prank the Monkey.
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February 18, 2007.

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