NASCAR drive-thru

Have you ever noticed that a drive-thru is a bit like a NASCAR race?

One day, while stuck in a drive-thru lane, I noticed that two simple rules dictated the orderly progress of cars.

  1. You have to stop at the menu board & place your order.
  2. You have to stop at the window to pay, and pick up your food.

What, I wondered, would happen if these unwritten rules were broken?

Would the orders go to the wrong customer? Would the lunchtime traffic jam experience gridlock? Or would the drivethru turn into a single-file NASCAR race?

I began to formulate a plan to find out. I needed some drivers and an excellent drive-thru.

Keith Lowell Jensen was immediately interested. I knew he was a veteran of high-performance racing art and I was pretty sure his stock-boy experience would translate to stock-cars.

I had my first driver.


Our goal was to set up a constant loop of cars, going through the drive-thru, and around the restaurant, over and over again. NASCAR STYLE!


Over the next few days, we scoured the city looking for the perfect drive-thru.

We needed a place where the drive-thru exit didn't dump us out onto the city street. I began checking satellite maps of Sacramento for fast-food joints deep within huge parking lots.

When I found some, I checked the drive-thrus in person. NINJA STYLE!

We also wanted to race at a time when we would have the drive thru all to ourselves, so we looked for a place that opened early, but didn't have a famous breakfast menu.

With a late night business-hour fact-checking by Keith, we were in business.  Sure enough, they would welcome our "large group of early-morning soccer kids".



I alerted a super-secret group of friends.

Ok, pretty much, I alerted everyone with a car...and pointed them to a special secret instruction page, in code. HTML code. WEBMASTER STYLE!

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June 22, 2006.

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