Backwash Experiments

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However, Meredith pulled it off! Again, just the smallest curl of backwash came back into the bottle. 

The suction of the sports bottle top holds a considerable tainting threat to your drinking supply, but Meredith showed me that with the proper technique, it could be a clean break.



We had tested all of our containers once, but I wanted to try the straw myself.

With a fresh red mouth, I took a sip of water through the straw.

Stacy captured this photo as the backwash entered the glass. You can see the straw is filled with red liquid which had recently been inside my mouth.

There seemed to be no way around at least some backwash. The liquid in the straw was drawn back down towards the glass, and my lips and tongue couldn't completely sever the junction between my mouthful of liquid and the top end of the straw.

From a wider perspective, the amount of backwash was not very great, but each time my lips left the straw, I would deposit a little more saliva into the glass.

Kinda makes you want to re-think the Super Big Gulp, eh? 


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December 8th, 2006

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