The Quest to Create Hot Air Soap Bubbles

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I figured I had better refine my bubblemaker. I drilled 30-40 small holes into a 3 foot length of clear plastic hose and slipped this onto the black hose.

It was a great fit. My goal was to divide the airflow without restricting it. A piccolo would probably work well here too.



My perforated hose design was not perfect. Most of the air still wanted to bust out of the first drilled hole.



With a rock and a brick, I weighed down the hose so that the first hole would be deepest in the water. I thought this might help divide the airflow into multiple paths. I've heard that bubbling airstones, built for home aquariums are good for this purpose, but none seemed large enough for this job.


It worked! The bubbles sprang up and started rolling over the edges of the bucket.

Unfortunately, the bubbles were not flying up. They were just sitting there. I had to accept the fact that the exhaust air wasn't particularly hot. It was barely warm.

I tried again using hot water. I always thought that this little spigot on the water heater was to get hot water out. Strangely, it didn't seem to work. The water was just warm.


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February 13, 2009.

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