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With the insulated boxes all in a row, ready for the melt-off. It was time to buy some bags of ice.


Ice is probably the only thing packaged in 7 lb. bags. A quick trip to the Crystal Ice store, and I was the proud owner of 49 pounds of "Party Ice".

I packed the ice into my seven prepared boxes.

Some bags of Party Ice were disappointed. They wanted to fulfill their promise of chilling beverages at the beach or parking lot. They started accusing me of wasting their lives needlessly.

The room grew cold.


"No", I assured them. "Your contributions to science will be carefully documented and displayed forever on the internet. Your sacrifice will not be in vain!"

Ideally, I would have sealed the inner boxes, covered the tops with an insulative layer, and sealed the outer box. Unfortunately, I would have to manually check each box throughout the day, so I just folded the flaps shut for easy access.

The diaper box was not fun to check. The entombed bag of party ice didn't mind. This experience reminded it of its time as yellow snow.

The box insulated with goose down feathers was the last to settle. Stacy read a nice bedtime story before we tucked it in.

And at 12:45 pm on Saturday, the experiment was underway!

Please read page 3 of the insulation experiment.

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Dec. 20, 2005  

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