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Sunday afternoon numbers:

Insulation Material

Remaining ice chunk size
(approx. cubic cm)

Balloons      0
Aluminum foil       0
Cardboard 1450
goose down 1980
Diapers 1400
Rice Crispies  2640
Styrofoam 3920

This photo shows the ice bag that had been insulated by multiple layers of cardboard. This ice had withstood high heat for the last 27 hours. 

Neat, but not half as impressive as the styrofoam-protected ice shown in the photograph above.

The down feathers were protecting their ice, but ice melted, water flowed down and created a heat-sapping exit river through the feathers' air pockets.

The wet feathers were not as effective, which allowed more ice to melt, wetting still more feathers. The problem was snowballing, although that is a poor metaphor for this situation.


Rice crispies had also protected their ice well. They housed the second-largest remaining block of ice.

I sealed up the boxes and waited for night to fall.

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December 20, 2005  

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