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A couple days later and we were back at it, tanning for 13 minutes each, again.

We were extremely wary of sunburns. The salon didn't want us to burn, and we didn't want to burn, but everybody wanted to see results in a hurry.

After four visits.

After that fourth visit, I had fairly pink skin, and used plenty of "after sun" lotion to avoid a real sunburn.

Indoor Tanning Guide

Okay Not Okay
Sitting  Snoring
Meditation  Body Shots 
Praying Tribbles
Ipods  Rotisserie 
Lotion  Giving a eulogy
Sweating  Casual Encounters
YogaTan  Horticulture
Tanning Charring 
Burning Sunstroking


The rooms measured about 10' x 6'.

We had decided that we weren't going to tell anyone that we were tanning, to see when our friends would start to notice how tan we were. 

After our fifth visit (13 tanning minutes for Rob, 14 for Stacy), my sister Jane noticed how tan Stacy's feet were. We spilled our guts and told her all about our experiment.


Having a salon tan meant that I had a little more shirtless confidence at Meaghan's pool party...until I lost my footing and began panicky dog-paddling in 5 feet of water. Worse still, everyone heard my screams to Hasslehoff.

The next day, Stacy tanned for 15 minutes and I tanned for 13.

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