Maker Faire 2008

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Back outside, I was drawn like a moth to this parabolic mirror. The gal on the left was using the dish to collect sunlight and channel it into a dark room using fiber optic cables. Pretty tricky!


Huge chain and wire-cable sculpures.


The outdoor vendors sold mostly food, and were very busy throughout the day. The grilled chicken vendor was unfortunately located across from the animal rights/anti-vivisection booth.


The fair was busy! I heard later that the fair had admitted twice as many people as the year before, even with a $10 increase in ticket price ($15 in 2007, $25 in 2008).

I should also mention that the Maker Faire is the perfect place to wear that clever T-shirt design that you made/had made. Seriously.

Steam-powered motorcycle video - with crucible fireball report.


The theme for Maker Faire is pretty open to interpretation.

Ferris and I visited with this guy in an incredible Werewolf costume.


Having worked with big sculptural styrofoam in the past, I was interested in the hot-wire CNC styro cutter on display by TechLab.

I shot a short, boring video of it in action.

CNC styrofoam cutter video

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May 10th, 2008.  

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